Mariehamn City Library, Sights on Åland

Mariehamn City Library – Sights on Åland

One of the most prominent buildings in Mariehamn is the library, which is near the center and next to the bus station. I spent a lot of time in my youth in the blue building and I have many fond memories of it. The Mariehamn City Libray is a place I’d recommend to both locals and visitors! It is so much more than a mecca for bookworms, it’s also a nice meeting place with a splendid view over the sea.

Mariehamn City Library

Architect Hans Stenius is the man behind the Marierhamn City Library, which dates to 1989. Being blue and rather big, it’s hard to miss this building when you enter Mariehamn. Inside. it’s very spacious and light. Because of this, it’s a very nice place to spend time. All those books are a bonus as well!

The Mariehamn City Library plays many roles: it is also the central library for the Åland Islands. Many municipalities have small libraries but this is the main library on the island. Furthermore, it is the university library for the Åland University of Applied Sciences.

Find Your Way

The city library can be found close to the central streets. It is located next to the bus station, just a bit north of the main commercial street Torggatan. It is reachable on foot from most of Mariehamn.

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