Valletta, Malta, Christmas in the Capital

Valletta, Malta – Christmas in the Capital

After exploring the megalithic temples in Tarxien we were soon on our way to Valletta, the capital of Malta. We had visited the city earlier the same week but this time we wanted to explore the Christmas market and surrounding festivities. It was after all mid-December and the Maltese do take Christmas seriously. In addition, we also had the opportunity to say hi to Blue, the Velociraptor from Jurassic World Dominion.

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Arrival by Ferry in Valletta

We had up until lunch been exploring the megalithic temple complex in Tarxien. This was followed by a walk from Tarxien, via Fgura to the Three Cities. It is from the Three Cities that it is possible to take the ferry across the bay to Valletta. More precisely, the ferry departs from Senglea. The ferry is actually a part of the public transport network and is one of the nicer ways to enter the capital. First, you will see all the yachts in the marina of Birgu, then you get a great view of the fortified city of Valletta, and once you look back you have a view of the Three Cities. So it is a very enjoyable crossing of the bay and it doesn’t take many minutes until you are standing at the waterfront in Valletta.

Once in Valletta, we opted for the lift to the Upper Barrakka Gardens instead of walking all the stairs to reach the city itself. The Upper Barrakka Gardens not only offer an amazing view of the Three Cities, but it also has a more recent visitor.

Saying Hi to Blue from Jurassic World Dominion

The 2022 film Jurassic World Dominion was partly filmed in Malta. More accurately in the towns of Floriana, Mellieħa, and Valletta. Meeting a Velociraptor in real life is probably not something anyone of us would like. But being able to say “hi” to Blue, with the view of the Three Cities in the background is a nice exception. Especially since it is a statue and not the real deal.

Exploring Valletta

We left Blue in the Upper Barrakka Gardens. As we made our way down to Republic Street we also encountered the giant non-wooden Christmas tree. The Christmas decorations were really spread out over much of Valletta. Republic Street is the main pedestrian street through Valletta. This was going to be the start of us strolling around for a few hours, enjoying some ice cream, and especially taking the opportunity to spend a day in the sunshine. We were even able to head back to the Upper Barrakka Gardens to see the Saluting Battery whit one single canon being fired out over the Grand Harbor.

Sunset in Floriana

We had been strolling around in Valletta up until the sun started to set. This was when we headed towards the sunset in Floriana and found a nice garden from where we could get a nice view. From here at this time of the year, the sun sets across the island. But it still does offer a very nice and colorful view. And it did tell us that it was now time to head back to Valletta for the Christmas Market.

Christmas Market in Valletta

Yes, we especially wanted to see the Christmas Market once the sun had set. How else could we enjoy all the lights and decorations? We once more walked through the street with several small shops, but our interest in their offerings was limited. Little A had already set her target on the carousels. So in addition to enjoying the Christmas lights we also let Little A ride the pony carousel a few times. That was most likely the highlight of this trip for her.

We did, however, get bored quite soon and decided to head back toward Marsaskala. Our route out of Valletta took us back to the lift at the Upper Barrakka Gardens and down to the ferry. It didn’t take long before we were back in the Three Cities, from where we took a taxi back to our friend in Marsaskala. We still had one day left in Malta before heading back to the snow in Sweden.

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