Xemxija, Malta

Xemxija, Malta – An Ancient Walk

There are huge advantages to know people at your destination. Malta really was a destination with such a benefit. Old classmates, acquaintances, and even relatives have settled on the island. We would probably never have gone to Xemxija unless Susann’s cousin lived there with her partner. But we are happy that we did.

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A Day Trip to Xemxija

After arriving on Malta the night before, I started the day with a morning walk from Gzira to Valletta. Something I can really recommend for anyone visiting the area. I met up with Susann, Little A, and the inlaws in the apartment afterward. We were soon to be picked up by Susann’s cousin to go to Xemxija. If you wonder how to pronounce it, it’s shem-shee-ya.

One thing is for sure, it is easy to get car sick on Maltese roads and I believe that all of us were happy to get out of the car without any accidents upon arrival in Xemxija. We all had in mind Little A’s response to the bus ride from the airport the previous day. Without telling too many details, I can say that it wasn’t fun.

Xemxija is located at Xemxija Bay. Bugibba and Saint Paul’s Bay are located on the other side. It is about a 25-minute drive from Sliema and Gzira.

The Xemxija Hill Heritage Walk

There are a handful of ancient sights in Xemxija, most of which will be found along the Xemxija Hill Heritage Walk, also known as the Roman Road.

Along the walking trail there are remain of two megalithic temples, a roman apiary, ancient cave dwellings and a roman bath.

For us, it was nice to get out and enjoy the sunshine and the view. The trail runs along the hill above Xemxija, providing a great view across the bay and the rest of the landscape. Add to that the impressively well-preserved ancient structures and our need to explore was satisfied. Even Little A enjoyed the possibility to explore as we slowly walked the trails. It probably took a bit more than an hour for us, but at normal speed, it would probably be around 15 minutes until you reach the end at the other side of Xemxija. But why be in a hurry when there are so much to see?

A Greek Lunch Before Heading Back

There was not much more to see for us in Xemxija except eating a late lunch. Little A started to get tired at this time, so while we waited for our Greek food she fell asleep with her head on Susann’s shoulder. That was the effect of waiting an hour for the food. Well, we have a few more stories to tell her when she gets older. As it turned out, she loves tzatziki.

Should you go to Xemxija?

If you are already in Bugibba or Saint Paul’s Bay then the short trip to Xemxija is really worth the time. Taking public transport from Valetta or Sliema might be a bit less worth the while. Driving yourself on Malta? Then you will probably have a lot in the area that you can explore.

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