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Taxinge is one of the summer tourist spots that you can visit at Lake Mälaren. The place has a long and rich history connected to the Näsby-Taxinge Estate. Its vicinity to Stockholm makes it a popular summer stop for either food or swimming. You could consider it a part of the typical in the province of Södermanland, with nature and water close by. It is the history and the impressive buildings that make the difference.

A Short History

The history of Taxinge follows for many centuries the history of the estate Näsby. The first known mentioning of the Näsby dates back to the 13th century but might be of Viking heritage.

The Näsby estate has had several influential owners over its long history. During the Middle Ages, the Seneschal Bo Jonsson Grip, the Queen of the Kalmar Union Margareta, and the regent Sten Sture the Elder were among its owners. As it had at some point ended up in the possession of the monastery, its ownership was forcefully changed during the Swedish Reformation. In the end, it became a part of King Gustav Vasa’s domain.

The estate grew during the 18th and 19th centuries, even though it changed hands multiple times. After a decline in importance and a lack of possible owners the estate ended up in the ownership of Södertälje Municipality in 1969 and later Nykvarn Municipality in 1999.

The former owners have influenced many of the important buildings around the estate, such as the church and the train station.

Things to Do and See

Because of its beautiful location, Taxinge is the perfect destination for a summer day trip. Here we list some of the things you can see and do during your visit.

Taxinge-Näsby Estate

In Swedish, we talk about a slott, meaning castle. As a matter of fact, it is an estate or mansion with castle-like properties. The estate has played a central role in the history and development of Taxinge. Today Nykvarn Municipality owns it.

The main building dates back to the early 19th century and it was constructed by the then owner Anders von Wahrendorff. These days the estate houses a restaurant and café. It is also popular for private events such as weddings and proms.

Next to the main building, there is an English landscape garden and a great view out over lake Mälaren. So for the ones who do not wish to queue for a lunch in the restaurant, there is plenty of space for a picnic.

Taxinge Church

There was earlier a small wooden chapel in Taxinge from around the year 1650. Another church replaced it on order from the then owner of the Näsby Estate, Johan von Westphal. This old church was completed in 1704, but would not last long. It was replaced already in 1863 by the current church.

The new church was designed by the architect Adolf Wilhelm Edelsvärd and is by some considered to be one of the most beautiful churches in Sweden.

Taxinge-Näsby Station

During the expansion of the Swedish railroads at the end of the 19th century the owner of the Näsby estate was the former prime minister Arvid Posse. Mr. Posse also owned a part of the railway company and requested that a station close to his estate. As he paid the cost of the additional track and station building, his wish was granted.

The railroad and the station in Taxinge were inaugurated in 1895. Taxinge-Näsby station had regular traffic until 1974 and the last train passed the station in 1996.

The station and railroad have since functioned as a railway museum. At first, there were trains only to Läggesta, but after reconstruction of the rails, the whole line between Taxinge-Näsby and Mariefred is now a part of the museum with steam engines on the line during the summer months.


Drottningkällan is a spring that gets its name after the Swedish queen Katarina Jagellonica (1526-1583). She was the wife of King Johan III (1537-1592). The name means ‘The Queen’s Spring’ in English.

The spring flows north and because of this, people have believed that it has special powers. With the introduction of Christianity, it has been classified as a source of the trinity.


Taxingebadet is a beach at Lake Mälaren right next to the Taxinge-Näsby Estate. Here you can either swim or enjoy other outdoor activities on hot summer days.

How to get to Taxinge

Flights: The closest airports are Stockholm Västerås Airport (VST) 93 kilometers away and Stockholm Skavsta Airport (NYO) 95 kilometers away. They both offer international flights to Europe. Sweden’s main airport, Stockholm Arlanda Airport (ARN), is 98 kilometers away for more national and international flight options.
Car: Taxinge is on road E20 between Södertälje and Strängnäs.
Train: The closest train station is in Läggesta with connections to Södertälje and Stockholm in the east and Eskilstuna, Arboga and Örebro in the west.
Bus: Regional buses connect Taxinge with the surrounding region.

The driving distance from 5 major Swedish cities, according to Google Maps:

Stockholm – 60 kilometers (51 min)
Gothenburg – 458 kilometers (5 h 2 min)
Malmö – 601 kilometers (6 h 35 min)
Linköping – 188 kilometers (2 h 5 min)  
Kiruna – 1290 kilometers (14 h 56 min)

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