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Top 5 Destinations For Foodies

Calling out all the foodies out there! Do you seek new food experiences wherever you go? Is food a decisive factor when you pick your next travel destination? Well, look no further. Here are our top five tips for all of you who like to combine traveling and eating. As you might guess, this list is under constant improvement as life goes along and we discover new places with great cuisine. Tell us, which are your favorite destinations (with good food)?

Top Destination for Foodies #1: Georgia

We fell in love with many things during our visit to Georgia. We have talked about the hospitality and the amazing nature there. The cuisine was also to die for. Of course, who would not enjoy fresh bread, hearty stews, barbecues, spices, herbs, and vegetables. Add to that copious amounts of delicious local wine. However, the absolutely greatest aspect is all the sharing that is done at the Georgian dinner table. We did not attend a traditional feast, but eating together and sharing was very common in all the restaurants as well.

Georgia and Tbilisi for foodies

Top Destination for Foodies #2: Hungary

Ó Magyarország! There is more to Hungarian cuisine than goulash. Although, all foodies visiting this lovely country in central Europe should definitely try the traditional dish (that comes in various forms). So, what else should you try then? Soups are very common and so are desserts and pastries. Just thinking about all the culinary treats that the country has to offer excites me. There are stews, barbecues, casseroles, sausages, and stuffed peppers.

My absolute favorite? Palacsinta! This filled pancake comes in many forms, I prefer the one from Hortobágy (known as Hortobágyi palacsinta). This savory crepe is filled with veal stew.

The good thing about Hungarian food is that it’s fairly easy to prepare at home. Just make sure to fill your cupboard with lots of paprika and stock up on good meat and fresh veggies. That will take you a long way!


Top Destination for Foodies #3: Uruguay

Let’s leave Europe for a moment. In many ways, Uruguay is Argentina’s little sibling. It has many of the same things (read wine, beef, and tango) but it’s not as known. So, instead of including Argentina in this list, we opted for Uruguay. And precisely for the aforementioned beef and wine. The best McDonalds we ever had was in Uruguay, the only one we have ever had where the meat actually tasted like meat. Uruguayan cuisine is fairly European and international, with an Indigenous Charruan twist.

Foodies: chivito

If you’re going to try one dish from Uruguay, let it be the chivito. Although there is no goat meat in this sandwich (chivito means little goat), there is a lot of… well… meat and other healthy stuff. Apart from a filet mignon the plate is also filled with bacon, mozzarella, ham, onion, Hard-cooked eggs, tomato slices, mayonaise, olives, bread AND French fries. And possibly ensalada rusa. Yippie!

Top Destination for Foodies #4: Italy

Italy is where simple meets tasty. And this is what makes it so good, really. There are no unnecessary ingredients, it is often light. And just like topping on the cake, it’s so darn cozy. The coffee is more than good. And the wine is delicious. Really, it’s Italy!

Italy for foodies

Top Destination for Foodies #5: Sweden

And this is where I notice that all the other countries on this list are famous for their wines. Sweden is not. Actually, I don’t think Sweden is so very famous for its cuisine at all. But it should be. There are certain aspects of the Swedish cuisine that really makes it interesting. And now we’re not talking about tacos a la suecia. Swedes love tacos, it’s a typical thing to eat on Fridays. It’s probably nothing like Mexican tacos, though. Anyhow, what is that makes Swedish food so good?

Åland, Midsummer 2016 Åland, Midsummer 2016 Åland, Midsummer 2016

  • There is a dish known as Swedish meatballs. Skip this if you ever visit Sweden. Instead you should try game. This is a fairly big country with a lot of forest, and the wild game tastes so much better than “normal” meat.
  • Forest also means berries and mushrooms. Delicious and healthy!
  • Some foodies consider the Swedish cuisine slightly boring. Root vegetables, cabbage, fish, and pancakes – that’s not boring!
  • Don’t forget to indulge in a smörgåsbord. The traditional buffet consists of both hot and cold dishes – you can expect a lot of different types of fish. Christmas food is usually served like a smörgåsbord with a wide variety of different dishes.


Foodies! Don’t Forget the Balkans

More delicious wine. More meat. Actually I’m not even that into meat. Who would have thought? Macedonia, Serbia, and Slovenia all treated us very well when we visited. Eating is always a feast with various stews, kebabs, and a lot of cheese. The food might not be posh or fancy, but it goes right to your heart!

Salad Macedonia

Easter in Belgrade

That famous hamburger

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  1. Julie Corbett

    Makes me want to grab a fork, get a plane ticket and go exploring and eating!

  2. FabioRosado

    I guess I have to add a few of this countries to my list!
    Another country I would add there is Portugal – we have a lot of tasty things to eat and plenty of travellers enjoy our food 😀

    1. Jesper

      We have not been to Portugal (yet) and I don’t know much about the food. But I do believe you and hopefully we go there one day and are able to try it for ourself. 🙂

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