On the Road 2017, Landskrona, Sweden

Landskrona, Sweden – On the Road 2017: Day 1

We notice that the nights are getting darker as we drive through Sweden. We have spent quite a few hours in the car since we left Vagnhärad. Now it’s time to say Good Morning Landskrona! This is our last stop before we reach Malmö, from where we will continue to the continent. Thus far the drive has been calm and uneventful. We made our first stop outside of Linköping when Little A told us that she wanted her evening meal. Then there was a toilet break a few hours later in Ljungby before we reached Landskrona.

Now you, dear readers, might ask yourselves why we ended up in Landskrona. Well, we wanted somewhere calm to spend a few hours before continuing to the harbor in Malmö. Landskrona is located just 30 minutes from the harbor and is small enough for a short stop. That is the reason why we chose to stop in Landskrona at 3 a.m this morning. Until now we have had time both to rest in the car as well as explore the town for a little bit.

To answer your question: what on earth are you doing in Landskrona?

We are not far from Malmö now and we had a few hours to spare. This medieval town is famous for its citadel, and it’s not far from Denmark. In other words, we are in the wildest Scania right now. And we also thought we could check out some historical landmarks while we’re here.

Considering the early hour, the only available activity for us was walking. Finally, we had the chance to stretch our legs a little bit after several hours in the car. It’s much more fun to take a stroll in an actual town instead of some random parking lot. The walk took us around the medieval citadel with its well-preserved moats and walls. We also saw some of the old buildings in the city center as well as along parts of the coast.

Now it’s time for us to continue to the harbor. From there we will get on the ferry that will take us to Germany. Check out our Instagram account (@biveroseffect) for more photos.  Stay tuned as the adventure continues!

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