Bellmanstafetten 2016

Bellmanstafetten 2016, Stockholm – Running 5 Kilometers

Yesterday it was once more time for a running competition here in Stockholm. This time it was Bellmanstafetten, a 5×5 kilometers relay. Hundreds of teams with 5 members each were ready to take turns and run the 5 kilometers long lap. The race is organized in Northern Djurgården here in Stockholm. The most exciting part is finding the right team member when returning to the starting area.

In one of all the teams, Susann was standing as the starter. Her teammates were colleagues from work and her opponent was 5 kilometers ahead. Like me a few days ago during Midnattsloppet, Susann had not been running so much in recent months. I decided that it could be fun to spend the evening photographing the runners as they were passing by the 4-kilometer sign. I have participated in this competition previously, but it is now several years ago. This year I also had some time to make a new acquaintances. Mr. Pig was happy to provide some company in the rain.

Bellmanstafetten: A Bit Of Information

Bellmanstafetten is probably one of the largest running events in Sweden. The event is nowadays taking place during a period of three days. Previously the competition was only held on Saturdays. This year the park is filled with runners on Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Each of these days teams within three categories run. The teams are divided into groups of Women, Men, and Mixed.

In 2015 there were 489 men’s teams, 219 women’s teams, and 2871 mixed teams. There was a total of 3579 teams and a total of 17 895 runners.

Each team also receives a picnic bag, and you will see people enjoying a good time together when they have finished running. This is at least usually the case, but it all depends on the weather. Several companies have big tents for their employees and it is not uncommon to use the event as a motivator for employees to exercise more.

So How Did It Go?

It might have taken Susann a bit longer than she would have liked to. But considering the lack of preparations for the race and her feeling rather ill for a while now, it is a really good accomplishment to finish the race. She even had time and energy to make a pose for the camera as she was passing by the 4-kilometer sign.

We now hope that we will be able to create our own team for next year, so we will see what happens then. One thing is for sure, it will be hard to miss this event when living in Stockholm.

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  1. Julie Corbett

    I used to participate in running events around my area. I loved it! I enjoyed bringing home yet another racing bib and a new finisher’s shirt. Always made me feel so good about myself, no matter how slow I was! Congrats!

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