Life right now, happy list

Life Right Now – a List of Happy Things

Hello from the Åland Islands. Little A and I are abroad again. How are you? Rain and thunder are the words that best describe today. As I love lists, I decided to write a short (but happy) list of life right now – a Monday evening. (I started writing this last night, now it’s Tuesday morning). Right now we are on the Åland Islands. The time is 11.06 a.m. local time and the day is strangely gray. Today we will go to our cottage.

Life Right Now – a Happy List

What we have done: yesterday we took a walk in the forest – we didn’t meet a single car, nor a single person. In other words, it’s very peaceful here. Life here seems like a bubble, it’s very difficult to imagine all the horrors out there.

Things I dream of right now: a massage, a luxurious breakfast with eggs, croissants, freshly squeezed orange juice, fresh fruits, delicious coffee. I’d also like to do some yoga (maybe tonight?), swim in the sea (maybe tomorrow?), and go abroad. More abroad than now, that is. Fortunately, we have a trip coming up soon. All in all, life is good, because I have had some delicious salmon soup and I heard some rumors about pancakes. And there is plenty of rye bread.

Little A, our world traveler in the making, is smiling and laughing a lot now. It’s so interesting to follow her development. She also seems completely fine as far as traveling is concerned. On Saturday she slept through the whole trip.

Ebooks and audiobooks are great when you are on the road. Right now I’m reading On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft by Stephen King and listening to Adam M. Grant’s Originals: How Non-Conformists Move the World. Both are thought-provoking reads.

Another thing on my happy list is that I’m finding my way to an old hobby – sending old-fashioned letters, also known as snail mail. It’s a fantastic hobby and there’s something almost romantic about letter writing. Don’t you agree?

Here are some photos from the past days. Did you know that you find us on Instagram as well? We go by the name biveroseffect. I hope to see you there.

life right now life right now life right now


How’s your life right now?


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