Moskenes, Lofoten, Nordland, Exploring Norway

Moskenes, Lofoten – Exploring Norway

Moskenes is a small settlement around the bay Moskenesvågen in the Lofoten Archipelago. It is within Nordland County in Northern Norway and houses both the Moskenes Church as well as the Port of Moskenes. The port is one of the main entry points for people arriving in the Lofoten Archipelago.

A Short History of Moskenes

The villages and settlements around the island have for centuries found their livelihood within the fishing industry. The trading post has at least since 1743 been in the nearby fishing village of Reine.

The local parish church has since at least the 16th century been located next to the shores of the bay Moskenesvågen. It has been one of two churches within the parish, the other one being in Reine.

Things to Do and See

Moskenes is mostly an entry or exit point for visitors to the Lofoten Archipelago. The scenery around Moskenesvågen bay does make it a very scenic and memorable entry or exit.

Port of Moskenes

The ferries arrive at the Port of Mosknes regularly during the day and connect the islands of Lofoten with the Norwegian mainland in the town of Bodø as well as with the islands of Røst and Værøy. Ferries are run by the operator Torghatten Nord and include MF Landegode, MF Værøy, MF Bodø, and MF Tranøy. For anyone waiting for a ferry, there is a modern waiting hall with toilets available.

The surrounding marina is also used by local fishing vessels and a few pleasure crafts.

Moskenes Church

The current white wooden church in Moskenes dates back to 1819. It replaced a much older wooden church that existed as early as at least 1589. The church was earlier one of two churches of the former local parish and is a part of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Norway.

How to Get to Moskenes

Flights: Svolvær Airport (SVJ) is 129 kilometers from the town and offers a few domestic routes.
Car: The town is located along the road E10 between Reine and Å.
Ferry: There are ferries from Moskenes to Bodø on the mainland, as well as to the islands of Værøy and Røst.

The driving distance from 5 major Norwegian cities, according to Google Maps:

  • Oslo – 1287 kilometers (18 h 50 min)
  • Bergen – 1423 kilometers (22 h 18 min)
  • Trondheim – 799 kilometers (12 h 27 min)
  • Narvik – 344 kilometers (5 h 13 min)
  • Kirkenes – 1158 kilometers (16 h 3 min)

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