Koftvika, Exploring Norway

Koftvika, Ofoten – Exploring Norway

Koftvika is a bay in Narvik Municipality in the northernmost part of Nordland County in northern Norway. It is best known for its rest area along road E6, right between the towns of Narvik and Bjerkvik. The bay is a part of the large fjord Ofotfjord, which connects the area with the Norwegian Sea. The fjord is the 12th longest in Norway with its 78 kilometers.

Things to Do and See

This is for many a rest stop when traveling towards the Lofoten Archipelago. It is, however, one of the more scenic rest areas imaginable. The fjord Ofotenfjord offers amazing scenery with its mountains and sometimes mirror-like water. The rest area itself also offers a few amenities such as a toilet and a few picnic tables. This makes it possible to sit down for a short break and eat some food with a great view.

How to Get to Koftvika

  • Flights: The closest airport is Harstad/Narvik Airport (EVE), located to the west.
  • Car: Koftvika lies along Road E10 to the north of Narvik, near the town of Bjerkvik.
  • Train: The nearest railway station is in Narvik.

The driving distance from 5 major Norwegian cities, according to Google Maps:

  • Oslo – 1395 kilometers (18 h 40 min)
  • Bergen – 1601 kilometers (23 h 10 min)
  • Trondheim – 907 kilometers (13 h)
  • Narvik – 11 kilometers (12 min)
  • Kirkenes – 824 kilometers (10 h 30 min)

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