Geta Church, Sights on Åland

Geta Church – Sights on Åland

Geta Church, or Geta Kyrka in Swedish, is a small stone church in the northwestern part of the Åland Islands. The church is a satellite church to the church of Finström, a part of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland. It is dedicated to Sankt Göran, or Saint George in English. It lies right in the center of the village of Västergeta and has played a central role in the local parish since the Middle Ages.

Geta Church

Geta Church dates back to the chapel’s construction in the 15th century. The medieval stone chapel was for centuries a satellite chapel of the main church in Finström. That changed in 1906 when Geta became an independent congregation. It remained independent until the establishment of the Finström-Geta Congregation in 198, which in turn was merged with the Sund-Vårdö Congregation in 2022. The new congregation of Northern Åland was then established, or as it is known in Swedish: Norra Ålands Församling.

The chapel itself is believed to have been built in the second half of the 15th century but has since seen many alterations during its lifetime. The church has an external wooden clock tower and is surrounded by the local graveyard.

Find Your Way

To reach Geta Church you will have to head north from Mariehamn along Road 2. This Road will continue to Bomarsund, but instead, you will turn in Godby to continue along Road 4 towards Geta. This road will take you directly to the church. It will end just a few meters after passing the church and then be replaced by smaller countryside roads. The driving (or cycling) distance from Mariehamn is 38 kilometers.

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