Week 7 – This Week We Talked About…

Week 7 is coming to an end, outside the snow is melting in the bleak February sun and we are planning new trips. It’s so exciting! Are you planning any trips right now?

In this post we summarize our posts from the past week.

Week 7: Our Blog Posts

During week 7, we posted twice about sights in Bratislava. Click on the links below to read about Michael’s Gate (Michalská brana) and The Little Blue Church (Modrý kostolík). Both of these spots are a must on a visit to the Slovak capital.

Read more about the Little Blue Church here >>

Are you interested in knowing more about Michae’s Gate? Click here >> 

Our lives are slowly getting back to normal after our trip to West Africa. It felt quite odd to be back in the cold north , but the days are finally getting longer and the snow is melting. Yay! Do you want to read more about our trips in the Gambia? Click here for a post about our day trip to the Fathala Nature Reserve in Senegal >>

On the other side of the Great Ocean lies Argentina. Buenos Aires is one of those places that I have spent quite a bit of time thinking about in my lifetime. We visited the city in October 2015 and it did really not disappoint – I’d love to go there again! Read more about the trip to Argentine capital here >> 

Are you thinking about spending your holidays on the Åland Islands? On this blog we talk about interesting places to visit and things to do. In week 7 we created a post about the chapel ruin at Lemböte – this is the perfect place for a picnic on a lazy summer day. Click here for more information >>  

Finally. we talk a lot about sights and destinations on this blog, but sometimes it’s a good idea to slow down and look inwards. Why do we travel and what do we want to achieve? Some thoughts can be found here >> 

Week 7

Week 7: New On The Blog

Week 7

A few days ago we made a small change to the blog. You can now find our guides at the top of the page. Currently there is only one guide for Bratislava, but we will add more shortly. If you have any requests or ideas concerning what to add, please let us know! All feedback is welcome!

Go to The Bratislava Guide >>

Happy Spring Days!

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