Ulricehamn, Västergötland, Exploring Sweden

Ulricehamn, Västergötland – Exploring Sweden

Ulricehamn is a locality in the county of Västra Götaland in western Sweden. It lies where the river Ätran enters the lake Åsunden, right between the towns of Borås and Jönköping. The settlement was earlier known by the name Bogesund but has since 1741 been known as Ulricahamn. It is named after Queen Ulrika Eleonora, queen of Sweden between 1719 and 1720. Almost three centuries later this is a locality that is home to around 11,400 inhabitants.

A Short History of Ulricehamn

This is a town that was earlier known by the name Bogesund. The first known written mention dates back to 1307, several centuries before the name was changed in 1741. This was when the town was named after Queen Ulrika Eleonora. She was the ruling queen of Sweden between 1719 and 1720. Bogesund and later Ulricehamn became a town already in the Middle Ages. Exactly when is, however, unknown.

This was for centuries a border area, close to the Danish province of Halland. That has resulted in several battles in the area. One of the more significant ones took place in 1519-1520 on ice of the nearby lake Åsunden. This was where the Swedish imperial regent Sten Sture was fatally wounded by a canon ball. Denmark later won the battle and King Kristian II became the ruler of the Kalmar Union between Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. This, however, only lasted a few years before Sweden gained its independence in 1523 and the rule of King Gustav Vasa commenced. It was under the rule of Gustav Vasa that the families of Tre Rosor and Stenbock gained importance in Bogesund.

The industrialization of Ulricehamn began with the arrival of the railway in 1874. The railway was in operation until 1985 when the last train traveled along these rails. During the 20th century, it has been the textile industry that has been the main industry in the town, something Ulricehamn shares with nearby Borås. The 20th century also saw the development of tourism in Ulricehamn. It was especially recreational and health tourism and at the center of this was after 1910 the sanitorium known initially as Vintersanatoriet and later Kurhotellet.

Things to Do and See in Ulricehamn

Ulricehamn is a town with a small center where most shops and restaurants are on the main street Storgatan. The street runs parallel with the shores of Lake Åsunden and it is along these shores that some of the more scenic viewpoints can be found. Whether you are looking for some relaxing time along the waterfront or exploring the picturesque center, there is plenty to enjoy in this small town.

Lake Åsunden

Lake Åsunden is the narrow body of water on which’s shores the town of Ulricehamn is located. The lake offers the possibilities for both swimming and fishing, but also many more water activities While in Ulricehamn there is also the possibility to enjoy the waterfront with its parks and walkpaths.


The former station building was built at the beginning of the 20th century when the second railway line through Ulricehamn opened. The station building looks like a small castle and was actually inspired by Trolleholm Castle near Lund in southern Sweden.


The town hall was built already in 1789-90, directly after the devastating fire of 1788 that consumed a large part of the town. It is a yellow wooden building that over the years also has been used as a school, as well as a station for the police and firefighters. The house is today used by the local politicians of the municipality.

Ulricehamns Kyrka

The church of Ulricehamn stands close to the center. This is a medieval stone church with its origins in the 14th century. Many alterations have been done to the church since and the last larger restoration was done in the 1930s. The church is today a part of the Ulricehamn Congregation within the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Sweden.


On the outskirts of Ulricehamn is the recreational center of Lassalykcan. Here you will find the local ice rink, as well as fields for football and many other sports. There is also an extensive network of paths for hiking and running in the nearby forests. Some of these are during the winter months converted into trails for cross-country skiing.

How to Get to Ulricehamn

  • Flights: The nearest airports are Göteborg Landvetter Airport (GOT) to the west and Jönköping Airport (JKG) to the east.
  • Car: Ulricehamn is on Road 40 between Borås and Jönköping, at the intersection with Road 46 and Road 157.
  • Bus: Buses from Västtrafik connect Ulricehamn with the surrounding area.

The driving distance from 5 major Swedish cities, according to Google Maps:

  • Stockholm – 373 kilometers (3 h 50 min)
  • Gothenburg – 99 kilometers (1 h 5 min)
  • Malmö – 288 kilometers (3 h 20 min)
  • Linköping – 178 kilometers (2 h)
  • Kiruna – 1603 kilometers (16 h 30 min)

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