Sunset in Stockholm Sweden

Stockholm, Sweden – When Spring Arrived

There are days when you wake up, the sun is shining and everything feels so right. Lay in the bed, looking out the window and enjoying the short moment before the alarm once more will ring. Well, I still haven’t decided how long time to snooze in the morning, but one thing is sure: it really doesn’t matter on mornings like today.

After quite an intense day at work, I decided that it could be nice to walk to the center of Stockholm to meet up with Susann after her tai chi lesson. The walk from Solna Strand is around 7 kilometers and the view out over the sea really is astonishing.

When I started to walk the sun had already started to set which made the sky light up on the horizon. With the sun setting, no wind could be felt and the sea is like a mirror, it really felt like spring had finally arrived in Stockholm.

A few bikes and runners passed by from time to time and even though there were a lot more people out an evening like this, it really felt calm. No hurries, no stress, just the path ahead and the calm sea on the side. Stopping from time to time to take some photos and to enjoy the sunset and the view.

Now I just hope that the sun is here to stay, the last ice on the sea will melt and that spring is here once and for all. It is a time of the year now that is unpredictable, there could be sunshine one day and snowstorms the other. But after a long winter, days like these give you hope that the summer is not far away.

And the end goal of the walk, is to meet up with Susann in the center. Well, what to say? The sun might have set for the day, but there is always sunshine waiting if you know where to look.

Have a nice evening everyone.

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