Munsbach, Exploring Luxembourg

Munsbach – Exploring Luxembourg

Munsbach, or Münsbach, is a small town in Luxembourg, just a short distance east of the capital Luxembourg City. Munsbach is one of five small towns making up the municipality of Schuttrange. The other four towns are Schuttrange, Neuhäusgen, Schrassig, and Übersyren. The small town of Munsbach has a population of around 600 inhabitants, as well as an 18th-century Baroque-style castle. The town’s name is also spelled as Mënsbech or Minsbech in Luxembourgish.

Our Visit to Munsbach

We made a short stop in the town on our European Road Trip in 2017. We stayed in the city of Metz, in France, for a few days and went on a day trip to Luxembourg. It was on our way back to Metz that we followed a few signs that led us to the 18th-century castle.

Things to Do and See

Munsbach is a small cozy town with a few streets lined by mostly privately owned homes. A walk along the main street to the west will take you by a few restaurants and eventually, you will cross the border to Schuttrange. The border is easy to miss as it is only a small road sign that will the you that you have left the town. For visitors, there might not be much to explore in the town center. It is the Munchbach Castle on its outskirts that is most likely the main attraction.

Munsbach Castle

Munsbach Castle is a baroque-styled castle that was built in 1775. It was originally a manor house but expanded and gained the status of a castle at the end of the 19th century. The castle has a rose garden with several hundred different kinds of roses. The castle itself is since 2021 home to the Centre for Social and Emotional Development and is not open for visits.

How to Get to Munsbach

  • Flights: The closest airport is the Luxembourg Airport (LUX), just a few kilometers away.
  • Car: Munsbach is located along the motorway A1, just a few kilometers east of Luxembourg City.

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