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Ledskäret’s Fog Bell – Sights on Åland

Ledskäret’s fog Bell can be found on the central square of Mariehamn, it is also known by its Swedish name Torget. This fog bell was earlier placed at Ledskäret, a skerry to the south of Herröskatan. Here it had been offering its assistance to maritime vessels in the event of fog or mist since 1942. It was in service for more than 30 years to make the passage safer. The bell was moved to the central square of Mariehamn in 1995

The initiative to move the bell to Mariehamn came from the Rotary Club of Mariehamn. It now stands as a memorial to the many devices that have been used to increase maritime safety.

Find Your Way to Ledskäret’s Fog Bell

The central square of Mariehamn is located right next to the regional parliament and town hall. Here at the square, the fog bell is tanding on top of a wooden structure right next to the street Torggatan.

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