Northern Northern Road Trip 2020, Heading Home, Sweden

Heading Home – Northern Road Trip 2020

As we left Mora, we started to see an end to our amazing northern road trip. It was time to head home, but the adventure had not ended yet. New explorations were still around the corner and there were still plenty of kilometers to drive.

The Last Stage of our Northern Road Trip

As mentioned, there were still places to explore and kilometers to drive. We had two stops in mind when leaving Mora, but it would turn out to be one more than that before we got back home and our northern road trip came to an end.


We hadn’t left the province of Dalarna when we made our first stop for the day. It was in the historical mining town of Falun. When parking the car we didn’t really know what we wanted to do here. It was one of those planned stops without any planned activity or expectation. We did, however, soon find a target for our visit and started to walk to the old copper mine. The mine and Falun are today a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Seeing the historical mine buildings and especially the huge mining pit made us understand why. It really is an impressive sight, but the rain was not. Once we reached the viewing tower over the pit, the rain started to fall. Luckily we had a roof over our heads and could wait it out. Yes, our umbrellas were still in the car. Once the rain temporarily stopped, we started our fast walk back to the centre and had just reached a café when it started to rain again. Well, that was a good reason as any to stop by for lunch. As the weather continued to be unstable, we were soon back in the car.


Our second stop was more familiar. We had decided to visit my cousin in Sandviken. Well, that was once he was finished at the golf court. So we made a stop in the center for a short walk before heading to meet up with the golfer. By now, the rain from Falun had reached Sandviken and it was pouring down as we parked our car. Time ran by as we discussed old memories and eventually, we just had to continue so that we wouldn’t get back home way too late.

Gamla Uppsala

It is not a long drive from Sandviken to Stockholm, but as it started to get late I felt a need for some fresh air. Uppsala is about halfway and this is where I felt that I started to get tired. So, we made a stop at Gamla Uppsala. This part of Uppsala is famous for its many huge grave mounds. The three largest ones are the Royal Mounds, from the 5th and 6th centuries. It is an impressive sight and enough to keep me awake for the last hour of driving.

Back Home after Our Northern Road Trip

We eventually made it home. It had been three weeks since we left on our northern road trip, a trip that had taken us as far north as Porjus. We had driven north along the Baltic coast. The exploration had included stops in towns such as Sundsvall, Örnsköldsvik, and Skellefteå, but also in smaller localities such as Norrfällsviken and Lövånger. Our venture through Swedish Lapland had given us the possibility to see several smaller towns and localities, such as Jokkmokk, Arvidsjaur, and Vilhelmina. Heading back south took us to Dalarna, but not before having seen the mountains at Stekenjokk and Storhogna. This was all prior to us exploring Dalarna, in the area around Mora.

We can make three conclusions after our trip. Firstly, we managed to cover a big portion of the northern half of Sweden. Secondly, there are so many beautiful places that we want to return to. And last, seeing Little A enjoying the new environment was the greatest pleasure.

Thank you for joining us on our northern adventure.

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