Has Spring Arrived in Lahti? Finland

Lahti, Finland – Has the Spring Arrived?

Not every trip goes as planned. When we visited Madeira a few months ago I got sick and we got stuck in Garajau for a day. Today it is Little A who is being bothered with fever and a sore throat. Like yesterday when we took turns to walk around in Lahti, we once more split up so that one could stay in the apartment with Little A. Lahti did, however, not care and just like yesterday, the sun was shining and you could almost ask: Has the spring arrived in Lahti?

Susann didn’t take any long walks today. I, however, decided to once more explore the area next to Lake Vesijärvi.

A Walk at Lanupuisto in Lahti

On a hill just next to the lake lies the park Lanupuisto. The park is a forested hill with sculptures from the Finnish sculptor artist Olavi Lanu (1925-2015). There are also various trees from the Northern regions planted here. Today the park was covered in snow. The sculptures looked like they had always been there and the city was visible from time to time through the trees, I can just imagine that this park feels a lot more distant from the city during the summer months when the trees are green.

Enjoying the View Out Over Lake Vesijärvi in Lahti

My main goal with the walk was Lake Vesijärvi – Finnish for water lake.  As with yesterday the lake is frozen and filled with people enjoying outdoor activities. Myself, I enjoyed the sunshine and the view. I usually have problems staying in one place for too long. Laying on a beach in summer works for maybe 15 minutes. Some places are, however, different. There is just something special when overlooking a beautiful landscape. That is the times when I can stay for much longer. Overlooking the sea or a lake, maybe enjoying the sunrise or sunset. Today, I couldn’t stay for long as Susann was waiting, but long enough to take a few photos.

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