Käringsund, Sights on Åland

Käringsund Fishing Village – Sights on Åland

The island of Eckerö is one of the western-most islands of Åland and it is here that you find Käringsund. This is a bay and natural harbor that has become one of the most picturesque sights on the Åland Islands.

Along the shores of this small bay the boathouses and boatsheds are lined up. These buildings are still in use, with locals coming here to take care of their boats and head out on the Baltic Sea.

This place is all about enjoying the views and the tranquility. It could be either by walking along the cliffs towards the small lighthouse or by relaxing at the local bodega with a great view of the boathouses.

TV-Series: Vi på Saltkråkan

Käringsund is famous for being one of the filming locations in 1966 for the Swedish TV-series “Vi på Saltkråkan“. The script was written by the Swedish writer of childrens’ books Astrid Lindgren. It later also became a book with the same name.

Attractions Nearby

There is a cluster of sights and activities in and around Käringsund Fishing Village. Here are a few that deserve their own post in the future. There is also the resort of Käringsund that offers activities both for guests and visitors.

Viltsafari Käringsund

Want to see some of the nordic wildlife? Granberg’s Guest House offers a safari tour of their small enclosure. Here you can see red deer, fallow deer, wild boar, ostriches and lamas. So it is not only nordic wildlife.

Read more at their webpage: Viltsafari Käringsund >>

Åland’s Hunting & Fishing Museum

The Hunting & Fishing Museum is actually located next to the boathouses at the bay. It was build in 1995 to display the collection of historical tools and equipment connected with the hunting and fishing on the Åland Islands.

Find our more at their homepage: Ålands jakt- och fiskemuseum (Swedish) >>

Finding Your Way to Käringsund?

Käringsund Fishing Village is located close to the harbor at Berghamn, from where there are ferries to Grisslehamn, Sweden. Road 1 from Mariehamn will take you all the way to the harbor and a few hundred meters before the harbor you turn right towards Käringsund.

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