On the Road 2017, Diekirch, Luxembourg

Diekirch, Luxembourg – On the Road 2017: Day 13

The story about our adventure in Luxembourg continues! When we walked around in Vianden we came to a conclusion. Most restaurants were having signs for the local beer Diekirch. Because of that very fact, we decided to make our third stop in the town of Diekirch. The beer originates from a small town with the same name. Our previous stops in tiny but beautiful Luxembourg were Echternach and Vianden.

A Short Visit to the Town of Diekirch

Diekirch is different from many other places that we have visited due to the fact that we easily found a parking spot. It has usually been a lot more demanding to find one. That meant that we didn’t waste much time before we started to explore the town itself. Also, it felt more like a town than a village.

The town has around 6 000 inhabitants and it is the capital of a canton with the same name. It has several cozy cafes at the main square. While we were walking along the streets Susann took the opportunity to slip into one of the book stores. I think that she by doing so has been able to see at least one book store in each of the countries that we have visited so far on our road trip. She claims that she wants to stay updated in her field. The truth is that she likes looking at pens and fancy book covers. Actually, the town had three book and stationery shops.

What we found interesting was the number of references to donkeys that could be found all over the town. It turns out that the mascot of Diekirch is the donkey. Which of course explains why we even found a large statue of several donkeys. Another source of fascination was the number of Portuguese restaurants in Luxembourg. As it turns out, it is the second-largest group of foreign citizens living in the country. Who would have guessed?

We did not try any beer, though.

Three stops completed so far on our 13th day of traveling. We still have one to go before it is time for us to head back to Metz.

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