Castle of Asklipio, Rhodes, Greece

Castle of Asklipio, Rhodes – King of the Hill

Only a 25 minutes drive from Lindos is the small village of Asklipio. Well-hidden in the mountains this village houses one of the more impressive castle ruins on the island, the Castle of Asklipio. There’s also the added perk of enjoying the spectacular view all the way back to the sea.

Village of Asklipio

Asklipio is a small sleepy village consisting of small white houses and the old Byzantine church. The Church of the Dormition dates back to the 11th century and is located at the main square of the village. Excluding the castle, the church is the most outstanding building in the village. To be honest, there doesn’t seem to be much more to see there.

As we visited Asklipio in the evening, the activity had mostly died out. Kids were playing ball at the square, but that was about it. This might have been the reason why it was easy to find a spot at the parking lot close to the centre.

Castle of Asklipio

Our main goal for the visit was the Castle of Asklipio, just a short walk up the hill from the main square. The castle was build in the 15th century by the Grand Master D’Aubusson.

The castle is today in ruins, but it is possible to imagine how impressive it once must have been. Parts of the two towers are still standing and the gate still leads up to the courtyard that is accessible if you enter carefully. Climbing the rocks and walls is not recommended for obvious reasons.

The castle might have been our target, but it was eventually the view from the castle that made the climb worth its time. It is possible to see the whole valley, all the way back to the sea. We do recommend a trip here if you have spare time while on Rhodes.

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