Tsambika, Rhodes, Greece

Tsambika, Rhodes – A Beach and a Monastery

It was one place in particular on Rhodes that proved the island to be a Mediterranean paradise. With a monastery on a hilltop and a long sandy beach at the sea, Tsambika had it all, the challenging climb, the view, and the relaxing atmosphere mixed with the activities of the beach.

Tsambika Monastery

A small road with several potholes leads up the hill towards the Tsambika Monastery. One recommendation when driving is to stop at the first parking lot. It is almost as far up as you are able to drive and results in just a minor extra walk. This way you avoid the steepest part of the drive and you have a smaller risk of getting the goats up close to the car.

The short walk takes you to the small village with a small taverna. It is from the small village that the real walk begins, up the 350 steps to the top of the hill. The climb takes you up to an altitude of 240 meters, where you will be greeted by a small Byzantine church. For my part, it was never about the small church, but more about the spectacular view. The turquoise waters and the brown cliffs of Rhodes create a view that is enjoyable for a long time while taking a rest after the climb.

Tsambika Beach

After a walk back down to the car, it was just a short drive down to the Tsambika Beach. A place where the parking lot was a lot bigger. One thing is for sure here, expect to pay a bit to get a sun chair and some space. Most of the beach is occupied by the many sun chairs, luckily renting one means that you can also order drinks from the connected restaurant or bar.

The long sandy beach stretches for a long distance and is a popular destination for many that visit Rhodes. Beach activities are mixed with relaxing in the sun and one thing is for sure – Little A enjoyed swimming in the clear water.

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