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It’s now time for you to meet your travellers. Who are the people behind this blog and how did they get into travelling? Read on and find out more about your fellow travellers Jesper and Susann.


Susann on Åland

First country (abroad) ever visited: Germany or Latvia, when I was very young. Can’t remember which one came first. Sweden never counted as abroad!

Earliest memory related to travelling: my parents took me to the airport when I was about 2 years old. I remember telling them that “one day I’ll travel too!”.

Favourite holiday destination: Uruguay for the beaches and the relaxed mentality. The wine was good too!

Favourite city break: Moscow, Russia. Or Budapest, Hungary. Moscow is an amazing city that never sleeps, and there is so much to do and to see. Budapest, on the other hand, never disappoints. I’ve been there at least five times and it’s a place I’d love to visit many, many more times.

Countries on this traveller’s bucket list: Georgia, Vietnam, Japan, Bosnia & Hercegovina and Cuba.

My inner foreigner is: Hungarian –  bit crazy, but in a good way.

One place I should have been to, but haven’t made it to yet is… France!



Jesper on Åland

First country (abroad) ever visited: I don’t count a trip to the Åland Islands, as it’s both Swedish speaking and too close to home. The first time I really left Sweden was in eighth grade – I participated in a language exchange program that our German class had with a school in Bad Sobernheim, Germany.

Earliest memory related to travelling: Sitting squeezed together with my siblings in the back seat of my families Volvo as we went on summer vacations around Sweden. Travelling has gotten a lot more comfortable since then.

Favourite holiday destination: Uruguay, for the same reasons as Susann mentioned above.

Favourite city break: There are three of them. Tallinn is one due to the convinience to do a weekend trip from Stockholm. The other two are Bratislava and Budapest, I cannot really choose between them. Both have a great mixture of nice sights and not so healthy but delicious food.

Countries on this traveller’s bucket list: China, Russia, Tanzania, Namibia and Iceland.

My inner foreigner is: Still walking around.

One place I should have been to, but haven’t made it to yet is… Denmark and the United Kingdom!


Sometimes we also have some company on our trips, at least in Sweden and to the Åland Islands.

2015-06-19 23.36.28
Trixie is also ready to go.

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  1. Majka

    I would surely recommend Trencin in Slovakia, it is a beautiful historical town also the Cachtice castle nearby.
    From Caribbean Islands Jamaica and maybe Monserrat, Trinidad and Tobago. ☺

    1. Jesper

      We actually visited Trenčín a few years ago on our way back to Bratislava from Žilina. But it would be nice to revisit the town and hope for better weather. 🙂

      The Caribbean would also be really nice to visit 🙂

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