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Week 1 of 2016 is coming to an end and it’s now time to make a summary of the week. As we started the new year in Bratislava, Slovakia, quite a few of our posts this week have been about the Central European capital. Here’s a recap of what we talked about.

On Tuesday we took you to spooky Bratislava  – it was a post inspired by a walk in the city after sunset last weekend.

Friday’s post shed some light on of the main attractions in Bratislava, the Castle. It is a famous landmark of the city, standing right by the Danube, and the view from the rocky hill that it stands on is absolutely amazing.

During week 1, we also mused about movement through stillness, the symptoms of wanderlust as well as the benefits of moving abroad.

Here in Stockholm this first week of January has been really cold. We can finally say that we’re having a proper winter, with everything being covered in snow. If you’re in the mood for a hearty stew, you should try this goulash. It was very tasty indeed.

A couple of days ago, The New York Times published their list of 52 places to go in 2016. Did any of the places on the list come as a surprise to you? Or do you recommend any of the destinations? Sweden was represented by Skåne as #9. I would definitely love to go there soon! Actually, Malmö might be on our list for 2016… I am also intrigued by Viñales (Cuba) at #10, the Road of the Seven Lakes (Argentina() at #15, San Sebastián (Spain) at #18, as well as #38 Kansai (Japan). These are places I’d very much like to visit. However, it would seem like our travel planner – Jesper that is – might start planning trips to Mozambique (#6), Cesme (Turkey, #14) Hangzhou (China, #16), the Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo (#19) sometime soon. There is a slight chance that he realizes that some of these destinations are a bit far-fetched…

Please do notice #27, Brno in Czech Republic. Highly recommended! The second city of the Czech Republic has plenty to offer: good food, interesting sightseeing and a wonderful Christmas market. It is a good day trip from Bratislava (or the other way around).

This week we also joined Twitter. You find us here – come and say hi! 

A side note: I’m so happy about having found Canva. It’s a great tool for playing with photographs!

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    I love the blog, it is very entertaining and interesting. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences

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