Waking up in Podgorica, Montenegro

Podgorica, Montenegro – Waking up in a New Country

This morning was a bit unusual for us. We woke up in a new country – Montenegro – without our Little A next to us. Little A had been happy enough to keep my parents awake for the night while we were sound asleep. This is actually the first time we are away without our Little A, except for a few hours at a time, which has been the case before. This weekend, we take the time to rest and enjoy Podgorica. We are really looking forward to seeing what this city has to offer. Waking up in Podgorica has so far been a pleasant experience.

Arriving in Podgorica

We arrived in Podgorica yesterday evening. Our flight from Stockholm Skavsta took about 3 hours and was as usual with Ryanair, the experience was nothing out of the ordinary. Podgorica airport gave a quite chaotic first impression with the non-.existent queues through immigration, luckily there were not too many people and it was a fast process. Finally, we received one more stamp in the passport – the first in Susann’s new Swedish passport. As we had no checked luggage, it was just to walk straight out, meet up with the driver from the hotel and head to where we will be staying for these two nights – Hotel Aurel.

Dinner at the Hotel and Early in Bed

Upon our arrival, we were told that they had upgraded our room from standard to superior. It was a nice surprise to get our own terrace as well. We actually just left our bags in the room and headed to the hotel’s restaurant for a late dinner. A pepper steak for me and squids for Susann was more than enough to get us satisfied. It was also nice to once more try one of our favorite wines – Vranac. Being away for the first time without Little A made it, however, quite hard for us to stay up longer than usual. Actually, the driver asked us on the way to the hotel “hotel or disco?”. There will not be any discos for us during our stay and so, instead of staying at the bar, we headed straight to bed to sleep.

Waking up in Podgorica

So, what did it feel like this morning? We woke up with the sun shining outside our window. It was a bit later than normal at least – the clock was already past 7 am. Looking out from the terrace we were able to enjoy the view of the neighborhood and surrounding mountains. The snow is still visible on the mountain tops. For some reason, I really enjoy that kind of view. It was something similar when we visited Skopje a few years ago. After waking up in Podgorica, we have now finished our breakfast and are looking forward to exploring the Montenegrin capital today.

Please let us know in case you have any tips for Podgorica!

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