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Saint Naum – Exploring North Macedonia

Saint Naum is a monastery and tourist spot on the shores of Lake Ohrid in southwestern North Macedonia, right next to the border with Albania. The monastery lies within the boundaries of the village of Ljubanishta and is the main destination for many of the lake excursions from nearby Ohrid. In addition to the monastery, the tourist spot also comprises a long sandy beach, a mountain spring, a few restaurants, and several small tourist shops with souvenirs and other merchandise.

Our Visit to Saint Naum

We visited Saint Naum during the summer of 2023. Our visit was part of a lake excursion from Ohrid and included a few hours at the monastery and the surrounding area.

A Short History

The Monastery of Saint Naum was established already in the year 905. The area was at the time a part of the First Bulgarian Empire. The monastery was founded by Naum, a missionary who was to become the saint Naum of Ohrid. The original monastery survived until the early Middle Ages. It was first rebuilt in the 16th century.

Things to Do and See

For many the monastery is the main attraction here. For others, it is the view of Lake Ohrid and the tranquility of the springs that makes this a perfect excursion. There are a lot of views to enjoy here, be it the monastery or the natural views. While doing that there are also a few restaurants that can give the visitor that extra touch and a few small shops with souvenirs and other merchandise. And for those that like to swim, there is a long sandy beach to be found here.

Monastery of Saint Naum

The 16th-century rebuild of the old monastery is an impressive sight as it watches out over Lake Ohrid. Join the peacocks in the yard, enjoy the view, or explore this historical building.

Saint Naum’s Springs

The springs of Saint Naum are a popular attraction by themselves. These springs form a small shallow lake here, where it is possible to go on boat tours or just sit at a restaurant and enjoy the view. The springs bring water from Lake Prespa to Lake Ohrid. Lake Prespa is another large lake located on the other side of the Galičica Mountain. The lake is located on an even higher elevation than Lake Ohrid.

How to Get to Saint Naum

  • Flights: The closest airport is the Ohrid St. Paul the Apostle Airport (OHD), about 30 kilometers to the north.
  • Car: Saint Naum is located along road P501, just before the border crossing with Albania. The driving distance from Ohrid is around 30 kilometers.
  • Boat: There are both small and larger boats that take visitors to Saint Naum from across Lake Ohrid.

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