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Napoleon’s Army Soldier – Sights in Bratislava

When walking around in Bratislava you will find several statues that all look slightly different from each other. They are not the normal famous or historical people who usually decorate the streets and squares of a town or city. No, these statues are more about a showing a function and they have a tendency to offer joy instead of remorse. One of these is the Napoleon’s Army Soldier and you find him in the Old Town of Bratislava. He stands at his park bench welcoming the visitors to the main square, or Hlavné Námestie as it is called in Slovak.

The statue – or man if you would like – is leaning on a park bench. The bench might be a part of the statue, but it is still in use and a popular place for visitors to sit while having their photo taken with the soldier. So, if you visit Bratislava on a sunny day, you should definitely sit down, relax and pose with the soldier!

The website tells us that there is a story behind the statue. Napoleon and his army came to Bratislava in 1805. One of the soldiers that were en route through the town fell in love with a Slovak girl. He stayed in Bratislava and did not only end up as a statue. He also started to produce sparkling wine. If you have enjoyed a glass of the locally produced sparkling wine, then you might recognize the name, Hubert. Hubert was the soldier’s name and who knows, maybe there is a connection with the wine that is produced today. And yes: if you are in Bratislava on a sunny day, you should try some Hubert as well!

Napoleon’s Army Soldier: Where to Find Him?

You will easily find Napoleon’s Army Soldier at the main square (Hlavné námestie) in the Old Town of Bratislava.

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