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Grassalkovich Palace – Sights in Bratislava

Grassalkovich Palace is one of the main sights in Bratislava. It is the Presidential Palace of the Slovak Republic. The palace is also the residence for the president of Slovakia. The Slovak name for the palace is Grasalkovičov palác and it is also known as Prezidentský palác. The building is situated at Hodžovo námestie, just a few minutes walk from the old town.

Grassalkovich Palace: A Short History

The construction of the Grassalkovich Palace was finished in 1760. During its lifetime, the impressive buildings has housed several tenants and it has served many functions. The first owner of the palace was Hungarian count Anton Grassalkovič who used it as a summer residence. The first time it served as a presidential palace was between 1939 and 1945 for the first Slovak Republic, then under the occupation by Nazi Germany. During the communist era the building was mainly used as an activity centre for schoolchildren.

After its reconstruction the building became once more a presidential palace in 1996, after Slovakia had gained independence in 1993. During this time the building has also been the residence of the president of Slovakia.

The palace is not open to the public. However, there is a lot to see around it. You will have a nice view of the palace from Hodžovo námestie, one of the main squares of Bratislava. From the square you will see the main entrance and the facade of the building. At Hodžovo námestie one can also admire our beautiful planet! The fountain is called Zem – planéta mieru. That is Earth – planet of peace in English. What a suitable place for any traveller! In case you are planning to have an exciting date or perhaps a meeting, you can agree to meet at this popular and well-known spot.

Behind the palace you can enjoy a peaceful stroll in the beautiful garden. The park is open to the public. There you can also see trees planted by influential visitors. Apparently the Swedish king has been there, too!

Grassalkovich Palace: Getting There

Grassalkovich Palace is within easy reach from most places in the Slovak capital. The easiest option is to walk if you are in the city centre. It is just a few minutes north of the old town in Bratislava. It is also possible to take a bus to Hodžovo námestie. The bus will drop you off on the street just outside of the palace.

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