Bratislava, Slovakia – A Long Weekend in Bratislava

Wow, time is really flying by I realize now that I’m about to write a post about our long weekend in Bratislava. And that trip happened a week ago! As you may or may not know, we are very fond of the Slovak capital as that is where we met for the first time. I also think that it’s quite underestimated. It lies there, in the middle of Europe, and people have no idea about it. Today we came across a list that  Swedish newspaper/tabloid Expressen had made for the best Christmas markets in Europe, and Bratislava was not in it. Silly stuff! Anyway, here’s more about our long weekend in Bratislava. All in all, we spent three nights and four days there.

Stare Most, Tram, Bratislava, Slovakia

Most SNP, Novy Most, UFO Bridge, Bratislava, Slovakia

A Long Weekend in Bratislava: the Things We Did

As we have lived in Bratislava, we might not be so much into the normal sightseeing that tourists do on their first visit. However, taking a stroll in the old town (staré miasto) is always a must – especially during this time of the year. The Christmas market opens in November and it takes over much of the historical city center. It’s the perfect place for enjoying traditional Slovak food and drink. We have been to quite a few Christmas markets in Europe and the one in Bratislava ranks very high on my list. It is much cheaper than the Christmas market in Budapest, and much cozier than the ones in Stockholm and Tallinn.

Slovenský vianočný trh, Bratislava, Slovensko Slovak Christmas Market, Bratislava, Slovakia, Food, Drinks, Sweets Slovak Christmas Market, Bratislava, Slovakia

One of the great things about Bratislava is the fact that there are plenty of places that serve delicious food and tasty drinks. On this trip I had to have some kapustnica (Slovak cabbage soup). It was not the only sauerkraut I had during this long weekend in Bratislava: at the Christmas market I also tried a lokša (potato pancaked) filled with sauerkraut. Delicious, I say.

Bratislava is also a good place for shopping. There are many malls surrounding the city center and as always, we just had to visit one of the bookstores. And almost by accident, we also found a lot of shoes.

Maybe the most important thing with Bratislava is the people. We still have friends there and it was really great to see some of them during our quick visit. A place changes quickly, it is the people who keep it the same as it used to be. It felt nice talking about the old times over a cup of mint tea.

Our Long Weekend in Bratislava: Devín Castle & the Blue Church

One of the main attractions of Bratislava is actually not in the city itself. I have a tendency to be quite lazy when living in a place, so I had never made it to the Devín Castle. Jesper insisted on taking me there and I’m so happy he did. The castle is located by the confluence of the Danube and Morava rivers, right on the Austrian border. It is also one of the oldest castles in Slovakia and the scenery is beautiful. And let’s not mention how strange it felt to walk on the very spot where the iron curtain used to divide Europe. Hungarian poet Endre Ady even wrote about it:

By Verecke’s ancient route I came,
In my ear ancient Magyar songs still blaze,
Am I free to break through at Dévény,
With modern songs fit for modern days?

— Endre Ady: I am the Son of Gog and Magog

Jesper has written a blog post about Devín, you can read it here >>

Hrad Devin, Devin Castle, Bratislava, Slovakia Monument, Hrad Devin, Devin Castle, Bratislava, Slovakia Monument, Hrad Devin, Devin Castle, Bratislava, Slovakia Hrad Devin, Devin Castle, Bratislava, Slovakia

Another interesting attraction in Bratislava is the Blue Church. Located in the midst of a rather grey residential area in the outskirts of the Old Town, the church is a very colorful surprise.

Of course, a period of three days (we did spend one of the four days in Budapest) is not enough at all when it comes to visiting a city that is so important to us. Fortunately, it is easy to go there. And we have people to visit as well.

Blue Church, Bratislava, Slovakia

Planning a Long Weekend in Bratislava: How to Get There

So, would you like to spend a long weekend in Bratislava? Getting there is quite easy. Bratislava has an airport, and Vienna Airport is only 40 kilometers away. There are frequent bus and train services connecting these two cities.

Many people seem to go to Bratislava for a day trip only. It might be enough to see the city center, but there is so much more to see. And Slovakia is such a lovely country, I’d definitely recommend it to everyone.

Tram, Bratislava, Slovakia Bratislava Castle, Hrad, Bratislava, Slovakia

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