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Lecco, Lombardy – Exploring Italy

Lecco is a city in the region of Lombardy in northern Italy. It lies along the shores of Lake Como with the mountains of the Alps both to the north and east. The city has a population of around 48.000 inhabitants, but this is due to its connections to the nearby cities of Milan and Bergamo. It is a gateway to Lake Como. The lake attracts many tourists and many either visit or pass through Lecco due to its train station.

Our Visit to Lecco

We visited Lecco in 2016. This was a day trip to Lake Como when we were staying a few days in Bergamo. In addition to Lecco, we also visited the town of Bellagio during our visit to Lake Como.

A Short History

Lecco came under the rule of the Archbishop of Milan in 960 and its alignment with Milan resulted in the town being dragged into many regional conflicts during the Middle Ages. The most noteworthy of these was the 10-year war against its neighbors around Lake Como. The city would, even with a few disastrous defeats, eventually be a part of the Duchy of Milan. It was, however, a partly autonomous state within the duchy.

With the fall of Milan, the city first came under Spanish rule and later Austrian. The fortifications of Lecco did not survive the latter. Joseph II of Austria visited the city in 1784 and ordered the city walls to be destroyed.

The 19th century brought with it a struggle for independence within Lombardy and Italy, in which Lecco played its part. The city, or rather the area of Maggianico became a meeting point for the Scapigliati. This was a large group of Milanese writers and other artists who played an important role in Italian culture. Lombardy and Lecco did eventually in 1859 become a part of the Kingdom of Sardinia, eventually resulting in a unified Italy.

Things to Do and See

Arriving at the train station in Lecco will not generate any wow statements or other expressions of excitement. That will change once you wander the narrow streets towards the shores of Lake Como. Right at the waterfront is the Monument of the Fallen, but there is also a marina as well as a park landscape. A walk along the waterfront might take you towards Piazza Mario Cermenati with the Church of Saint Nicolò. It is the bell tower of the church that is the most prominent part of Lecco’s skyline. This is a tower that you will see from afar when arriving in Lecco with one of the many ferries.

How to Get to Lecco

  • Flights: There are several large airports nearby. In Italy, there is Milan Malpensa Airport (MXP) and Milan Bergamo Airport (BGY). To the north, across the border with Switzerland is also Lugano Airport (LUG)
  • Car: Lecco lies along Road SS36, north of Milan.
  • Ferry: Several ferries across Lake Como connect the town with other small towns in the area.

The driving distance from 5 major Italian cities, according to Google Maps:

  • Rome – 24 kilometers (30 min)
  • Milan – 620 kilometers (5 h 50 min)
  • Venice – 572 kilometers (5 h 30 min)
  • Naples – 211 kilometers (2 h)
  • Palermo – 914 kilometers (9 h 30 min)

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