Autumn in Stockholm: A Walk in Igelbäcken Nature Reserve

Igelbäcken Nature Reserve, Stockholm – An Autumn Walk

At this time of the year here in Sweden, there is a great need to take advantage of the few days that actually offer some sunshine. Especially when those days happen to occur during the weekend. There will be few possibilities in the coming months to enjoy outdoor activities in daylight after work. As we adjusted to wintertime the last night the sun will most likely set before the end of the workday from now on. One of the great places to enjoy the sunlight in our area is the Igelbäcken Nature Reserve.

A Walk in Igelbäcken Nature Reserve

There are several forested areas in and around Stockholm. Luckily we have one of them near our home. Igelbäcken Nature Reserve lies a short walk away and offers a good possibility to get out and enjoy nature. It’s the perfect place for walking along the fields while enjoying the beautiful colors that autumn has to offer.

Today it was all about getting out for a walk, otherwise, the area is also perfect for running. Its quite challenging hills make it a good spot for a tough training session. Usually, a mix of walkers, runners, dog owners, and horse riders meet you in the forest and today was no exception. We have earlier also had the luck of seeing deer and other small mammals in the area, but not today. Today only sheep were visible, maybe because of the number of people around.

A Ghost Station in the Stockholm Metro?

Today was also a perfect day for a small detour. One of the Stockholm metro lines runs on an elevated track through the reserve. This line passes by a station that stands dark and empty. The station of Kymlinge lies on the blue line, between Kista and Hallonbergen, but the trains do not stop here. It was built at the end of the 1970s, but due to changed building plans for the area, it was never finished. There are of course stories being told about the station, some claim to have seen the Silver Arrow (Silverpilen) rush through the station. There is also a saying: “Bara de döda stiger av i Kymlinge” (“Only the dead get off at Kymlinge”).

So, who knows, maybe the trains only stop at Kymlinge at the darkest hour of the night?

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