Feraklos Castle, Rhodes, Greece

Feraklos Castle, Rhodes – A Ruin with a View

There are plenty of ruins of old castles on Rhodes. One of these is the Feraklos Castle right outside the village of Charaki. This is a ruin with a view like few others.

My brother and I decided to take a short trip from Vlycha Beach to see the castle as the last trip before handing back our rental cars. Only 15 minutes away, it made a perfect destination for a short trip.

Village of Charaki

To reach the Feraklos Castle we passed through the small fishing village of Charaki. The picturesque village has plenty of tavernas and small resorts along its half-moon-shaped bay.

Feraklos Castle

This is the Acropolis of Charaki. The Feraklos Castle stands on an 85-meter high hill overlooking the village. The castle dates back to the Byzantine era. It was captured by the Knights Hospitaller in 1306. Even though it was already in ruins in the early 15th century, it was repaired to become one of the Knights’ three strongholds on the island together with Lindos and Rhodes. The castle was in use until its capture by the Ottoman Empire in 1523, an event that saw the castle abandoned.

Not many walls of the castle stand today, upon arriving at the hill it looks more like a hill with steep cliffs. The easiest entry point is from the road arriving at the hill on the northwestern side. From there it is a rocky path leading up the hill, with a few steps still there. The initial climb up on the southwestern side is not so demanding, nor risky. It is the final climb to the top that needs caution.

Finding the main entrance is not so easy. It is not visible when on the lower levels. If you follow the small path you will eventually notice that it leads up the side of the hill in a much steeper slope. A bit up the slope you will see the main gate. This is the slope that needs extra caution. There are many loose rocks, there are no handrails, there is no fence towards the side of the cliff. Just take your time and be careful and don’t let the kids run around without oversight.

When passing through the main gate you will pass through one of the largest sections of the castle that is still standing. At the top, it is mostly a large flat surface, but due to that, the walls are mostly gone you will have a great view out over the bays of Haraki and Agathi as well as the village of Charaki.

An extra warning, the descent from the Feraklos Castle is actually more demanding than the climb up.

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