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Bunker BS-3 “Paseka” – Sights in Bratislava

Slightly before the second world war, Czechoslovakia built several fortifications along its borders. As you may know, one of these borders ran very near Bratislava at the time. Some of the more fortified parts were along the Slovak-Austrian border, a few kilometers from the center of the Slovak capital. It was during this time of great uncertainty that Bunker BS-3 together with her sisters was built in the years 1936 and 1937. Some of the bunkers are easy to reach on foot, others, such as Bunker BS-3, demand a bit more orienteering through the forests.

A few of the bunkers are museums and they are now open to the public. Others, like Bunker BS-2, were taken care of through the years and then they were forgotten. The current state of the building bears witness of neglect. It’s a pity, as it is an important part of history. The bunker is today in the middle of a forest, Pečianská. It is not so easy to find. The name Paseka is Slovak and comes from the word for glade. The name is quite suitable for this construction, hiding in the woods.

21 men manned the bunker. It was built in two stories and armored with two heavy machine guns.

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How to Find Bunker BS-3 “Paseka”?

In case you like history and find yourself in Bratislava, this might be the place for you. At the same time, you’ll have the chance to get some fresh air. Here’s how you find Bunker BS-3.

Bunker BS-3 hides in the forests close to the bridge Most Lafranconi. Cross the bridge from the northern side of the Danube and continue a few hundred meters along the bike road. Eventually, on your right, you will have a dirt road leading into the forest. This is where you will find both Bunker BS-3 as well as Bunker BS-2. Another option is to walk along the border and turn into the forest when close by.

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