Sights in Bratislava, Bunker BS-2 “Mulda, Slovakia

Bunker BS-2 “Mulda” – Sights in Bratislava

While in Bratislava, we have done our best to learn about the local history. One aspect of that history is the world wars of the 20th century as well as the Iron Curtain. We have visited a few of the pre-WWII bunkers that stand along the Slovak-Austrian border. This very border was the southern border of Czechoslovakia during the 20th century. Czechoslovakia built these bunkers in response to Hitler in the years 1936 and 1937. Bunker BS-2, also known as Mulda, was one of these fortifications. It is the second bunker counting south from the Danube river.

Bunker BS-2 is located in the Pečianská forest and it is one of the bunkers that are the most difficult to reach. Unlike the other bunkers that are now museums open to the public, Bunker BS-2 lies hidden in the forest. It is in a better condition than its neighbor Bunker BS-3 but it has seen better days.

The bunker was manned by 21 men and was armored with two heavy machine guns.

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How to Find Bunker BS-2 “Mulda”?

We recommend a visit if you like history or feel like getting some fresh air. Here is how you find it. Bunker BS-2 is in the forests close to the bridge Most Lafranconi. Cross the bridge from the northern side of the Danube and continue a few hundred meters along the bike road. You will eventually on your right have a dirt road leading into the forest where you will find both Bunker BS-2 as well as Bunker BS-3. Another option is to walk along the border and turn into the forest when close by, but the bunker is not easy to locate from that path.

The walk to the bunker from the Bratislava castle is approximately 5,5 kilometers.

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