Week 2 – This Week We Talked About…

Week 2 and it’s already Sunday. The cold weather has continued here in Stokholm and we are slowly starting to think about what to pack for our next trip. Sunshine, here we come! We have also been looking at interesting destinations for Easter and the other public holidays coming up this spring. Do you have any tips in where to go? Or do you already have something planned?

Week 2 – Posts

This week we wrote a couple of posts about places near Sweden. If you ever go to the Latvian capital of Riga, we recommend you to also visit Sigulda. It’s definitely a must if you love nature!  Another nice place in summer is the Åland Islands. So, if you are visiting Sweden and/or Finland, hop on the boat and go admire some beautiful sunsets.

Our stories from Slovakia continued. Fancy a cup of Slovak garlic soup on a cold winter day? Here’s one of the easiest recipes you will find! We plan to write a complete series about sights in Bratislava. Not knowing what to do if you end up in the Slovak capital? Read more in our post from week 2, and pay a visit to the Devín Castle.

Walking is one of our favourite activities – both home and abroad. Here you can read more about our opinions about the benefits of walking when on the road >> 

We also thought that it was about time to introduce ourselves better. In Meet Your Travellers we did just that, talking more about our bucket lists and experience in travelling. We have noticed that there are more and more people visiting this blog – please say hi and tell us more about yourself! We’d love to know more about you.

Week 2 – New On the Blog


Don’t know if you noticed, but we have added a small button under the comment field. Now you can participate in our conversations via email.Do you have any more tips or wishes on how we can be even better and more user-friendly? Please tell us!

Here’s one final thought for today.

Happy Sunday!

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  1. Linda Bibb

    If I were in your position, I would consider that Gozo, Malta would be a wonderful place to get a bit of sun at that time of year. Have you already been there?

    1. Jesper

      I have been to Malta twice some years ago and it is a really nice place. I sadly never got the time to also visit Gozo while there. Maybe if I make sure to bring Susann with me to Malta for a visit, then we can try to cross over to Gozo as well. 🙂

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