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Vagnhärad, Sweden – A Hike Home in the Snowstorm

We spent the January evening with my parents, eating a nice dinner and playing some board games. It was, indeed, one of those nice evenings that we have occasionally. The difference today was that the snowfall increased during the evening. Yes, it has been something close to a snowstorm the whole day. It has been windy and there has been snowfall periodically. Our cat had stayed at home, but she had been a bit worried this morning. To prevent her from spending the night alone, I decided to hike back home, while Susann and Little A will be spending the night at my parents.

A Snowstorm Hike

Luckily both the wind and the snowfall had decreased in intensity when I began my short hike back home. But it really is fascinating to see how a place completely changes its appearance after a snowstorm. The snow was mostly untouched along the pedestrian paths and I was probably lucky to know where to find them. Each step was through about 15 centimeters of snow, so it took a bit longer time than normal to walk back home. Even with the wind, it was still really peaceful and actually enjoyable. There is that special feeling of being the first one to take a step out into that perfect layer of new snow.

The hike home was 2.5 kilometers only and was today in the snow completed in 31 minutes. Now it is time to rest before it is time to walk back to pick up Susann and Little A.

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