Stockholm, Sweden – A Summer Walk

One thing that we like about Stockholm are the many possibilities that the city has to offer when it comes to taking a walk. How about a nice stroll in the center of Stockholm after a hard day at work? We try to take advantage of these possibilities, especially when the sun is shining.

Today I took the train to the Central Station to meet up with Susann. A quite crowded eight minutes ride away. Seeing her again after a long day at work is usually a guarantee to cheer me up. Our plan for the evening was to visit three places in the center. We knew from before that the views out over the water from the Town Hall, Riddarholmen and Strömkajen are amazing.

Stockholm, Sweden

We began with the short walk from the Central Station to Kungsholmen and the Town Hall. It is one of the main sights in Stockholm and its view from the gardens facing the water sure is amazing. From here you can see Södermalm on the other side of the water and you will also have a perfect view of Riddarholmen. If you ever think about finding a place for nice photos, this is it.

Town Hall, Stockholm, SwedenTown Hall, Stockholm, SwedenRiddarholmen, Stockholm, Sweden

After spending some time at the Town Hall we continued towards Riddarholmen to admire the scenery from the opposite direction. From here you can enjoy a stunning view of the Town Hall and the surrounding area of Kungsholmen. It is another perfect place for photos and a place we can really recommend if you are thinking about taking some portraits with the Town Hall in the background.

Riddarholmen, Stockholm, SwedenTown Hall, Stockholm, SwedenTown Hall, Stockholm, Sweden

Where to continue from here? For once we decided to keep the walk a bit shorter than normal. So we continued across the Old Town, passing by the Parliament and the Royal Castle while doing so. Just across the water from the Royal Castle you will find Strömkajen and the bridge to Skeppsholmen. From here it is possible to get a great view of the Castle together with the old buildings of the Old Town.

Skeppsholmen, Stockholm, SwedenRoyal Castle, Stockholm, SwedenOld Town, Stockholm, Sweden

Less than an hour of walking later we were back at the central station, getting on the metro taking us home. Once back home, the clouds turned darker and it was possible to hear the thunder in the distance. As it is with summer in Sweden, neither sunshine nor storms are far away.
Riddarholmen, Stockholm, SwedenRiksdagen, Stockholm, SwedenStockholm, SwedenStockholm, Sweden

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