Stuhleck, Spital am Semmering, Austria, 2013

Stuhleck, Austria, 2013 – Remember the Old Times

There were a lot of things happening at the beginning of 2013. Not only was I about to move to an apartment in another part of Bratislava, but there was also a new trip each weekend. During this period I visited Brno, Nitra, and Prague. Somehow I also managed to squeeze in a day trip to Stuhleck in Austria. A friend and I had decided to go skiing for a day and one of these was one of the more practical options for us, as arranged buses took people from Bratislava to Stuhleck for skiing. That is how we ended up in the small Austrian town of Spital am Semmering. It is here that the ski resort Stuhleck is located and we were greeted with both snow and sunshine.

A Day Skiing at Stuhleck

As mentioned we were lucky with the weather and it was a nice day for skiing. We were probably not the only ones thinking this and being happy about the weather. Once we had rented our equipment we had to embrace ourselves for the waiting in line for the lift. There were a lot of people and it did take quite some time to reach the top of Stuhleck. Well, just the view is sometimes worth the wait. With a height of 1.782 meters above sea level, it offers an impressive sight of the Alps in the west.

There is something special about Alpine skiing. The feeling one gets when going down the hill while enjoying the view of the surrounding mountains. Stuhleck really was great in regards to that. It is hard to compare with ski resorts such as Chamonix in France or probably any other resort located in higher mountains in the Alps. What has stayed in my memory are the view and the sunshine. I’m still happy that my friend convinced me to join him on this trip and hopefully, there will be more skiing in the future. I wouldn’t mind going back to Stuhleck, but would probably prefer to return to Chamonix. Well, there is also the possibility to go to all the other places around the region.

I just want to add one more important thing to skiing in Austria. Who can complain when there is Wiener Schnitzel for lunch?

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