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Most SNP – Sights in Bratislava

Most SNP is an abbreviation of the Slovak tongue twister Most Slovenského národného povstania which in English would be translated as Bridge of the Slovak National Uprising. The bridge has earlier been known as Nový Most, in English the New Bridge. A more common name used by many a foreigner is the UFO Bridge. The bridge is one of the first sights welcoming tourists and locals alike when arriving from Austria through Petržalka.

Most SNP is one of three bridges crossing the Danube River in Bratislava. These bridges link the populous suburb of Petržalka with the rest of the city and Most SNP is the one that stands out the most with its unique appearance. It has a saucer-shaped top on the tower holding up the bridge, which also explains its nickname UFO Bridge.

Most SNP was completed in 1972 and it stands 431 meters long and 21 meters wide. It consists of a car deck and one walking path on each side of the bridge. The tower, making the bridge unique in Europe, is around 95 meters high. There is a restaurant at the top – apparently the view is lovely and the cocktails are heavenly up there!

During construction, a big portion of the old town was demolished to make way for the road leading to the bridge. This included most of the old Jewish quarters, including the old synagogue.

As mentioned above, the tower houses a restaurant with a great view over the city. We have actually never been up in the tower, but we have been told that even the toilets offer a fine view over the old town. There is a fee for entering the observation deck in case one doesn’t eat in the restaurant.

Getting There

The easiest way to get to the entrance of the tower is by walking across the bridge itself from the old town. Once you are on the Petržalka side, you will be directly at the entrance to the tower. You can also take the bus to Aupark and walk to the bridge from there. There is also a bus station under the bridge (on the side of the old town) where you can catch a local bus or the bus to Vienna airport.

More Information

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  1. Jenny Patlan

    I did not know this bridge, it’s interesting, thanks for sharing!

  2. abitofculture

    You should go up there for a drink next time you’re in town. You’re right about the view from the toilet, the view from the outdoor platform is even better. It gets really windy up there and the whole platform shakes!

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