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Michael’s Gate – Sights in Bratislava

Michael’s Gate in Bratislava is the only city gate that is still standing from the medieval fortifications that once surrounded the Slovak capital. The gate is housed in a tower and it is facing towards the north. The Slovak name for the gate is Michalská brána. This is also one of Susann’s absolute faourite places in the city. It’s an entrance (or exit) to the old town, and it’s a great spot for people watching. Near the gate you will find some good restaurants, for instance the Flagship Restaurant and Pulitzer.

The gate is believed to have been constructed in the end of the 13th century. Back in the good old days, the construction included a drawbridge over a moat. The tower was later destroyed in the 16th century. It was rebuilt in the mid 18th century in its present form.

The tower is housing the small Museum of Weapons and City Fortification. There is a small entry fee for the museum but that fee also includes access to the tower and the viewing platform on the top of the building. From the tower you will have a great view over the roof tops of the old town as well as the Bratislava Castle and the Slavín War Memorial.

Our tip: now and then (we think it’s every last weekend of the month) the admission to many museums in Bratislava is free of charge.

Directly under the tower you will find a golden compass showing the distance to 29 places around the world. Wanna check your geography skills? Take a look whether the distance to South Africa and the South Pole is correct, we have been a bit skeptical about this in the past.

The tower is also a good reference point when walking around in the central part of Bratislava, as it is easy to recognize once you see it.

Finding Michael’s Gate

It is just a short walk through the old town to get to Michael’s Gate. It is located at the northern end of the Michalská street, near Obchodná street. The most straightforward way to get to the tower is by foot in case you already are in the old town. Otherwise you can catch the tram, and get off at either Poštová or Námestie SNP.

More Information

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    I found that our capital Jakarta is also on the golden compass 🙂

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      Nice, the distance must have been one of the higher numbers, right? 🙂

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