Stará radnica, Old Town Hall, Bratislava, Slovakia

Old Town Hall – Sights in Bratislava

Cobblestoned streets, narrow alleys, and pastel buildings. The tranquil Old Town in the Slovak capital is very picturesque. The Main Square, Hlavné námestie, is where everything happens. Today we write about one of the more prominent buildings on the main square, the Old Town Hall, also known as Stará radnica in Slovak.  Are you planning a visit to Bratislava? Remember to check out our Bratislava Guide for inspiration.

Bratislava Old Town Hall

It is quite certain that most visitors to Bratislava will find themselves in front of the Old Town Hall. Don’t forget to bring the camera! It’s an impressive building that stems back to the 14th and 15th centuries. It is the oldest town hall in Slovakia and it is also one of the oldest stone buildings in the capital.

The tower was built around the year 1370. The town hall itself is from the 15th century. It was the result of joining together three townhouses/palaces. Originally Gothic, the building itself has seen various styles throughout the years. It has experienced influences from both Renaissance and Baroque styles.

The building was Town Hall until the end of the 19th century. However, at times it also served other functions. Among other things, it housed a prison and mint. It was also a place of trade and celebrations.

These days visitors can admire all kinds of interesting things there. These include torture instruments, the old town dungeons, antique weapons and armor, paintings and miniatures. You guessed right, it’s a museum. The building is the home to the Bratislava City Museum.

Old Town Hall: How to Find It?

Chances are that you will find the Old Town Hall almost by accident. Anyway, here are the instructions to finding this historic building. Go to the heart of the city center, look for the Main Square. There, between the Main Square and the Primate’s square, you see a tall building with a tiled roof. It stands next to the Jesuit Church and the Greek and Japanese embassies are near.

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  1. This looks like an interesting place to visit 🙂 I love towns and cities with cobblestone streets and narrow alleys

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      Hi Nikki!
      In that case I think Bratislava is something for you 🙂 It’s very charming, and one of those very typical Central European towns.

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