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It’s time to explore Sweden a little bit more! This time we visit Borensberg – a quaint small town next to Lake Boren. We recommend you to make a detour to this charming place if you are visiting any of the main towns in the area, such as Linköping or Motala.

Göta Kanal has taught most Swedes the names of a few small localities along the way of the canal. People are visiting these places still today to enjoy the canal and you might even see them in some old movies. These small towns breathe Swedish summer!

Borensberg with around 2.900 inhabitants is one of these places. The amount of people in the locality is probably many times higher during the summer when people come their in their boats.

Borensberg, SwedenHandelsbanken, Borensberg, Sweden

Borensberg: A Short History

Borensberg was originally known as Husbyfjöl and its history dates back to 1307. Husbyfjöl was the spot where a bridge across the stream Motala Ström was located.

The importance of Borensberg grew once Göta Kanal opened in 1825. The canal passes the town as it lies ideally between lake Vättern and lake Roxen. The canal was complemented with a railway connection in 1907. The railway was in use until 1962.

Borensberg, SwedenBorensberg, Sweden

3 Things to Do In Borensberg

Göta Kanal

One of the highlights in the locality is the old canal. It is here that the canal is connected with lake Boren. This means that there are some locks. Visitors might enjoy a day walking along the canal, admiring the boats passing by (how about boatspotting?) or maybe even join one of the canal cruises.

If you enjoy walking along the canal, then there is also the stream Motala Ström close by.

Göta Kanal, Borensberg, Sweden

Brunneby Musteri

Just outside of the locality you will find Brunneby Musteri. This is an old farm with its own shop and restaurant. It is possible to find a lot of locally produced food here as well as enjoying a nice lunch. How about some cider (low alcohol due to Swedish alcohol law), some syrup or maybe some jam. The products are mainly made from berries and fruit.

Brunneby Musteri, Gårdsbutik, Restaurang, Borensberg, Sweden

Lake Boren

Many small places in Sweden have a lake nearby and this one is not an exception. If there is a lake close by, there will probably be a good possibility for a swim in the summer. The water is not as cold as you’d think even though we are in Sweden. Lake Boren is almost visible from the center of Borensberg and that swim on a hot summer day is just a short walk away.

Borensberg: How to Get There?

Do you want to travel to Borensberg? Here are a few means of going there:

Car: Take the E4 to Linköping if you are coming from the south or north of the country and from Linköping drive towards Motala.
Bus: the best option is to find local buses from other places in the region.

The driving distance to Borensberg from 5 major Swedish cities, according to Google Maps:

Stockholm – 225 kilometers (2 h 10 min)
Gothenburg – 272 kilometers (2 h 45 min)
Malmö – 414 kilometers (3 h 56 min)
Luleå – 1122 kilometers (10 h 54 min)
Linköping – 30 kilometers (25 min)

Borensberg, SwedenBorensberg, Sweden

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