27 hours in London

London, England – 27 Hours to Explore, Part 3

Day one of our visit to London was dedicated to walking. The next day we woke up with somewhat sore feet and decided to enjoy the comfort of a nice hotel bed. We did not have much on the agenda, knowing that we had to head to the airport at 2 pm.

We also had one more friend to see before returning home. At the end we decided to combine pleasure with culture and we set a date at the British Museum.

London: the British Museum
London: the British Museum

Must-See In London: The British Museum

I (Susann) have been to the British Museum before and I very much liked it. It was also one of the places I wanted to visit during this trip. I just think it’s so amazing with all that culture, knowledge, and information. There is so much to learn.

Even though we visited the museum on a Tuesday, it was very crowded. The section with the mummies was especially popular with families. Of course we did not have time to check out all the exhibitions properly – we would have needed a whole day for that. However, I greatly enjoy the stroll through the museum while catching up with our friend. The only disappointment for me was the Reading Room was closed – I had really been looking forward to seeing it again!

Admission to the British Museum is free and as far as the amount of visitors goes, the museum is the 5th biggest in the world. We definitely recommend a visit! You can read more about the British Museum here >> 

London: the British Museum
London: the British Museum
London: the British Museum

While contemplating the fate of the Reading Room, we suddenly realized that we were in a real hurry if we were going to eat anything before catching the bus to Stansted. So, we introduced Jesper to a British institution of another kind – PizzaExpress. The pizzas were so-so, the limonata was delicious. I’m so gutted that I can’t find it in Sweden. The limonata, I mean.

London: pizza

London: What We Thought

In summary we were both very happy with our trip to London. We met our friends again, which was the most important thing. I think that we saw the main attractions although there is plenty more to discover. We have added some points to our list of things to do the next time we visit the UK. Jesper should really try some local beer. I want to go for some afternoon tea. And somehow a trip to Wales also found its way to our list!

We were lucky when planning the trip: for instance our train tickets from Manchester to London were a lot cheaper than they would normally be – or so we were told. We also managed to find good accommodation in the capital to a reasonable price. The place where we stayed is called Grange White Hall Hotel and it was near the British Museum. For the first time ever we were upgraded – or more precisely, our room was upgraded, so we could enjoy an extra comfy king size bed. Not bad at all!

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London: the British Museum
London: the British Museum


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