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Weeks 12 and 13 – And We Talked About…

Time flies and it’s now time for a short recap of weeks 12 and 13. We celebrated Easter – kind of. This year we didn’t need to worry about any travel related issues, however, we did get a couple of eggs filled with a lot of candy. You could not expect any less when in Sweden. We wrote about this Swedish fascination with candy and some other European Easter traditions as well, read more about them here >>

I felt like telling the world about a quickie in Gdansk. Jesper thought the title could be misunderstood, so instead you can read and enjoy A Quick Visit to Gdansk >> 

A good journey is not always about distance. There is great Swedish word, smultronställe, that means something along the lines of lovely little spot. Smultron means wild strawberry, ställe is place. A lovely little word that is. There are quite a few beautiful places near Stockholm. One of these places is Mariefred. Read more about it here >>

Languages keep us occupied a lot. We write this blog in a foreign language and I also need to think about languages quite a bit in my professional life. Writing is never easy, even though it is a lot of fun. Here are some of our tips for writing in a foreign language >>

We hope that you have been enjoying the past few weeks and that April will be kind and interesting for you. Weeks 12 and 13 were a bit exhausting and tiresome in this house but now we finally have some travelling as well as a few adventures to look forward to. How about you, are you planning any trips at the moment? 

One of the places we are looking forward to visiting very soon is….

Happy Travels!

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