Merry Christmas, Vagnhärad 2017, Sweden

We Wish You a Very Merry Christmas!

Now it’s time for us to say:

Dear readers, we wish you a very Merry Christmas!

Here in Vagnhärad and Sweden, Christmas Eve is coming to an end. At this very moment, we’re enjoying the silence around us after a hectic day, There was no snow this year, but that’s not really the most important thing – even though it would have been nice. Today we have laughed and talked with family. We have also been entertaining a tired baby and eaten lots of delicious treats, We wish that you’re enjoying Christmas time too.

The morning started with a tasty breakfast. There was rice pudding with cinnamon and crispbread with ham. After breakfast, we all headed downstairs to the Christmas tree. We decorated the tree yesterday, and now there were plenty of presents under it. I think Little A was the most excited one, as she loved chewing all the paper.

After this, more relatives and family arrived and it was time for Christmas lunch. Before the actual lunch, we relaxed with glögg and gingerbread. We had all the typical Swedish treats, such as ham, salmon, herring, sausages, spare ribs, and meatballs. Don’t forget the Swedish meatballs!

Lunch ended eventually, and everybody decided to relax some more before it was time for the excitement to begin. The excitement, in this case, refers to the Christmas gift game with dice. Every participant brings two gifts to the table. At the end of the game, everyone has at least one gift to take home (we will write a post about this game soon, explaining it more). In the evening, we have found the time to chat, go for a walk, and eat (too much) candy.

Merry Christmas, Vagnhärad 2017, Sweden

Now it’s time for a certain little lady to go to sleep. It’s been a long day for her, with a lot of action. Once again, we wish you a very merry and peaceful Christmas.

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