Rönnäng, Tjörn, Bohuslän, Exploring Sweden

Rönnäng, Bohuslän – Exploring Sweden

Rönnäng is a small locality on the island of Tjörn, the seventh-largest island in Sweden. Some people consider Rönnäng the gateway to the outer archipelago, with passenger ferries connecting to the smaller islands. With a population of around 1.400 inhabitants, it is one of the larger inhabited areas of the island. The primary production comes from the shipyards, Tjörnvarvet and Rönnängs varv.

A Short History of Rönnäng

The name originates from a farmstead and fishing village and is known to have existed as far back as the 16th century. The community started to grow during the 18th century and the church was built in 1795. This meant the establishment of a new parish, Tjörnehuvud Parish, which later changed its name to Rönnäng Parish.

Things to Do and See in Rönnäng

The gateway to the outer archipelago has of course access to the sea. Options include but are not limited to swimming, enjoying the view of heading out with a boat.


Tjörnehuvud is a mountain directly next to the main street of Rönnäng. The path to the top includes several stairs built with large rocks. It was constructed by the military in 1914 to reach the watch post at the top during the First World War.

For today’s visitors the stairs still offer a possible, but challenging, hike to the top. With a four-year-old the first part across was possible, but reaching the top requires more independence. There is a picnic area along the lower path that is easy to reach that also offers a great view.

From these cliffs, it is possible to not only see Rönnäng, but also the surrounding islands such as Dyrön, Klädesholmen, Törnekalv, and Åstol. If you concentrate you will also see Carlsten Fortress upon Marstrand.

Kåreviks Badplats

The local beach is Kåreviks Badplats. This is a sandy beach fitting for mot ages. On the surrounding cliffs, there is also a jumping tower.

Rönnäng Wharf

At the local harbor or wharf, you can find parts of the public transport. Västtrafik, the company that runs the local busses, also operates the ferry connections to the islands of Dyrön, Törnekalv, and Åstol.

How to Get to Rönnäng

Flights: There are domestic and international routes to and from Göteborg Landvetter Airport (GOT), which is 90 kilometers away.
Car: Rönnäng is at the end of road 169, which connects with the E6 via road 160 at Stenungsund.
Bus: Local and regional buses from Västtrafik connect Rönnäng with the surrounding region.

The driving distance from 5 major Swedish cities, according to Google Maps:

Stockholm – 534 kilometers (5h 38min)
Gothenburg – 69 kilometers (1h 1min)
Malmö – 337 kilometers (3h 58min)
Linköping – 339 kilometers (3h 55min)  
Kiruna – 1587 kilometers (18h 24min)

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