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Ramberg, Lofoten – Exploring Norway

Ramberg is a fishing village in the Lofoten Archipelago in northern Norway. It is on the island of Flakstadøya in Nordland County. This small village is located north of the Arctic Circle and with its shores looking out towards the North Atlantic. It is the administrative center for the Flakstad Municipality and is one of the commercial centers on its island with a few shops and other commodoties available. This is also a starting point for many people who plan on hiking or climbing in the nearby mountains such as Moltinden.

A Short History of Ramberg

The area surrounding Ramberg has traditionally had small settlements that combined fishing and farming for their livelihoods. The fishing village was earlier a part of Flakstad Parish, which now is Flakstad Municipality. It is first in more recent decades, that Ramberg has become a tourist destination for hiking and explorations. It is still the sea and the nearby mountains that provide for the inhabitants, even though their use has slightly changed.

Things to Do and See

Ramberg has in addition to the fishing mainly two attractions. These are the Atlantic Ocean and the nearby mountains. It is a popular stop for hiking and the beach offers the possibility for a cold swim on one of the few hot summer days.


Rambergstranda is a beach to the east of Ramberg. It is a long sandy beach around the bay Jusnesvika. Even though it during summers might look like any beach on a hot island along the equator, this is the cold water of the North Atlantic.

Ramberg Harbor

Walkable waterbreaks surround the harbor of Ramberg and a walk along these short promenades offers a great view of both the inner harbor but also out towards the sea. The mountains further into the bay can be seen rising above the water and the North Atlantic is almost visible through the strait.

Nubben (240 m)

Nubben is an rock outcrop on the nearby mountain that is watching out over Ramberg. It offers an uninterrupted view of the nearby coast from a height of 240 meters above the sea. There is a short hiking path leading up to Nubben, which is considered easy by several online sources.

Moltinden (696 m)

If you continue uphill from Nubben you will most likely be heading towards the summit of Moltinden. Moltinden is a mountain with a height of 696 meters above the sea. It is according to many online sources moderately difficulty to climb to its summit.

Volandstind (457 m)

Volandstind is a mountain a few kilometers from Ramberg. It offers according to some online sources an easier hike to the summit at 457 meters above the sea.

How to Get to Ramberg

Flights: Svolvær Airport (SVJ) is 100 kilometers from the town and offers a few domestic routes.
Car: The town is located along the road E10 between Svolvær and Å.
Ferry: There are ferries from nearby Moskenes to Bodø on the mainland.

The driving distance from 5 major Norwegian cities, according to Google Maps:

Oslo – 1316 kilometers (19 h 24 min)
Bergen – 1452 kilometers (22 h 54 min)
Trondheim – 828 kilometers (13 h 11 min)
Narvik – 315 kilometers (4 h 40 min)
Kirkenes - 1129 kilometers (15 h 20 min)

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