Namsskogan, Trøndelag, Namdalen, Exploring Norway

Namsskogan, Namdalen – Exploring Norway

In the northern part of Trøndelag County in Central Norway, you will find the Namdalen Valley and the village of Namsskogan. This small village has a population of around 230 inhabitants and it is surrounded by the river Namsen and its many rapids.

A Short History of Namsskogan

The area where the village of Namsskogan is today was initially a part of Trones Parish. It became a part of Grong hundred around its establishment in 1838. The village became the seat of its own hundred in 1923, covering the area of Trones Parish, and at the same time establishing the name Namnsskogan

With the extension of the railway in Norway the village did eventually get another line of connection with the world in 1940 when Nordland Line was opened between Grong and Mosjøen.

Things to Do and See

Namsskogan’s location close to the Norwegian wilderness opens up för many adventures in nature. You find groceries and other necessities in the small center of the village, within walking distance of the river. For any short-time visitors, it is the view of the Namsen River that most likely ends up on top of the wishlist.

Namsen River

Namsen is a river that flows for 228 kilometers through the region of Trøndelag before reaching the fjord Namsenfjorden and the Atlantic sea at the town of Namsos. Its origins are in the Børgefjell National Park. In Namsskogan there are a few walking bridges with a great view of the river, and there are also several large rapids to be found right outside of the village.

Namsskogan Stasjon

Namsskogan stasjon, the train station, was opened in 1940 and is a part of the Nordland Line. The total length of the line is 729 kilometers and stretches between Bodø and Trondheim. The station is at an altitude of 216 meters above the sea.

Namsskogan Familiepark

Namsskogan Familiepark is a zoo and amusement park that is to the south in the village of Trones. The park opened in 1989 and has around 135 animals that are split between 35 species. These animals include mostly Nordic animals, such as bears, elks, lynxes, wolves, and wolverines.

How to Get to Namsskogan

  • Flights: Mosjøen Airport (MJF) is 123 kilometers away. It offers mostly domestic flights to towns such as Oslo and Trondheim.
  • Car: Namsskogan is along road E6 between Mosjøen and Grong.
  • Train: The railway connects Namsskogan with Bodø and Trondheim as well as other stations along the Nordland Line.

The driving distance from 5 major Norwegian cities, according to Google Maps:

  • Oslo – 759 kilometers (9 h 54 min)
  • Bergen – 895 kilometers (13 h 13 min)
  • Trondheim – 272 kilometers (3 h 52 min)
  • Narvik – 626 kilometers (9 h 4 min)
  • Kirkenes – 1278 kilometers (16 h 25 min)

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