Montaña Roja, El Médano, Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain

Montaña Roja, Tenerife – On Top of a Volcano

Right outside of El Médano is the Reserva natural especial de Montaña Roja, or the Special Nature Reserve Red Mountain in English. The main sight within the reserve is the cone volcano – the Montaña Roja. Rising 171 meters above the sea it does not only pose as an impressive sight when viewed from the surrounding area but it also gives a great view from the top.

Getting to Montaña Roja

Montaña Roja is located right outside of El Médano and you can either walk there directly from the town or you drive closer and park at one of the parking lots within the nature reserve. If driving, leave the TF-1 highway at the exit of San Isidro and drive to El Médano. Once in El Médano continue towards Los Abrigos on route TF-643 and you will notice once you get as close as possible to the mountain.

Walking from El Médano

It takes around 45 minutes to walk from the center of El Médano to the top of Montaña Roja. Walking will take you along the beach promenade in town, across the Playa Leocadio Machado and then along the small paths of the nature reserve. In other words, there is a lot more to the walk then only the mountain.

Climbing the Montaña Roja

Climbing the Montaña Roja is a possibility for most people, but it has its challenges. The easiest starting point will be the north-eastern side of the volcano. From there the path will lead you along the ridge of the mountain, which will be the least steep. The path will be uneven and filled with small pebbles, so be careful – especially when descending.

Our recommendations for climbing:

  • Make sure to wear proper footwear, flip-flops wouldn’t be our choice.
  • Bring water, it can get really hot depending on the time of the day.
  • Climb either in the morning or in the evening when the sun is less strong.
  • Don’t climb when it is dark.
  • Don’t hurry, the pebbles will easily move and bring you with them.
  • Stay within the marked paths.

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