Heron, Råstasjön, Solna, Stockholm, Sweden

Solna, Sweden – Herons and Ice at Råstasjön

Not too far from my office, there is a lake. The name of the lake is Råstasjön and it’s where I usually head if I want a 30-minute walk during my workday. It is great during the lunch breaks and a chance to get some fresh air. What surprised me a few weeks ago was the sight of 30-40 grey herons along the shore of the lake. Occasionally I have seen a heron by the lake, but never more than one at a time. This time it was possible to see multiple of them at the time, which was something I did not expect of this unusual bird.

Returning to Råstasjön to Photograph the Herons

I only had my mobile phone during my first encounter with the birds. Because of this, I felt that I really needed to return to get some good photos. One morning on my way to work I decided to make my walk longer and take a detour alongside the lake. This time I also made sure to bring a proper camera to get closer to the birds. Here are a few of the photos, without any editing done to them afterward.

Other Birds at Råstasjön

There are of course many more bird species at the lake. It is a perfect spot to enjoy the view of mute swans as well as mallards and Canada geese. During this walk in the early morning, there was a feeling that the birds had not yet really awake.

A promenade of 2.1 km length leads around the lake, so it’s easy for visitors to come and enjoy nature at its best.


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    1. Jesper

      Thank you Thomas, I hope to see some the herons some more times to get even better photos. 🙂

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